glFTPd v2.0 (2004-12-24): Fix: check return value of fclose when uploading file, somehow NFS likes to fail to close a file Fix: when upload error occured do silent zipscript check after the error was sent to client Fix: There where some problems with CHOWN when moving files across disks Fix: Installer updates by psxc (now it should also work with fedora core 3, which has no `which` command) Fix: few small typo's in the docs Fix: the first abor response line had a multiline-indicator which was wrong Change: tls cleanup Fix: tls errors will now go to error.log instead of syslog Fix: when glftpd will no longer loop it if crashes during logout glFTPd v2.0 RC7 (2004-12-15): Fix: it is no longer possible to modify deleted users Fix: when renaming a group the default.* userfiles wont be touched anymore if they contain the group Fix: if the data connection was broken unexpectedly glftpd could logoff the user Fix: when an ABOR was done on a file listings glftpd would crash Fix: reset online[PID].bytes_xfer before every transfer (may fix the $SPEED problems) Change: dl_sendfile now specifies block size in KBytes !!! recommended and default setting is 512, 0=disabled Fix: glftpd will try to autodetect and fix signal blocking causing ghosts problem when this is detected glftpd will report warning line into error.log with command that caused it, please report these broken commands Fix: When nuking an empty dir the size was shown in MB instead of KB Change: XDupe info will no longer be disabled when loggin in with -password Fix: Files transferred in ascii-mode could sometimes cut-off at random size when some characters where found. This problem was introduced in RC5 with the endianness fix Change: We now allow multiple hidden_files entries in the config Fix: The site syslog/login/etc commands would say the log file was empty if the file did not exist and also had a multi-line-indicator which would make clients hang. We now say the file cant be found when it doesnt exist and also notifies when its empty. Fix: When one changed the credits of a user using site change the log entry in the sysop.log would show incorrect value's. Fix: The binaries for which sources are in the package have been removed, please compile them using the script in the bin/sources dir. Fix: when changing the flags of siteop the master setting only worked for the first specified master Fix: when deleting siteops the master setting only worked for the first specified master Fix: deletion and readd of users that where not in any group was impossible Change: the ginfo.foot cookies where wrong they have been fixed glFTPd v2.0 RC6 (2004-11-28): Change: dont log wipe's that stop on an error New: after successful USER command, env variable USER is set, so it can be used in cscript for PASS Fix: if the default ratio of a group was not 3 gadmins could change it to 3 by going to 0 then to 3 Change: dl_sendfile parameter now means size of data done in one sendfile call in mb Change: site take/give used g/m suffix to specifiy gigabytes or megabytes instead of just -m prefix for megabytes. Fix: fixed a number of problems with ABOR Fix: zero-copy (sendfile) downloads could not be disabled Fix: fix ghosts when user had firewalled IDENT port, and lowered timeout to 3 secs Fix: the external nuker now reconises the usernames properly Fix: you can now have 10 stat_section entires in config Fix: fixed oY cookie for showing year in oneliners Fix: fixed linefeeds in FEAT reply Fix: site ginfo was case-sensitive for gadmins Fix: site deluser would not work when being siteop Fix: Removed the false warnings or "Access denied" when issuing site delip Fix: Removed the outdated glupdate.c and olddirclean2.c from the gcp directory Fix: The error messsage that notifies a user that a file is unretrievable showed the username instead of the filename. glFTPd v2.0 RC5 (2004-10-31): Fix: Fixed site readd and deluser to manage only users primary group for gadmin operations (only users primary group is used to check for slots etc) Change: The default behaviour is now to use zero-copy (sendfile) downloads unless specified otherwise. Fix: Fixed corrupted dirlog when deleting files. (thanks to chotaire for reporting) Change: Added leech/ratio slots to ginfo.foot and cookie system. (thanks to deam for reporting) Change: Botscript execution uses botscript_exec() instead of system(). Fix: Fixed a site fdupe crash. Fix: On Mac OSX ascii downloads would be corrupted because of an endianness problem. Fix: site chgadmin was unable to find existing group Fix: Disabled site locate in default glftpd config, its insecure, allows people to search private dirs Fix: When using display options on the NLST command glFTPd would not flush the internal buffer which caused the data not to be sent to the client. Fix: Small doc error in the site change help file. glFTPd v2.0 RC4 (2004-10-24): Fix: Make site fdupe work properly and fix the crashes. Change: all group slot related commands now check and update slots for every user including siteop Fix: site chgrp now removes +2 flag if the user doesnt need it anymore Change: site chgrp now updates group slots Fix: "site fdupe " crash fixed. New: Added support for the XCWD/XMKD/XRMD/XPWD/XCUP ftp commands. Fix: Fixed the external nuker to use multiple lines (all returned text was on one line). Fix: Few small doc fixes. Fix: The SECTION env variable was not always set right, this has been fixed. Fix: Resolved the problem with the SIZE command which would only return a 0 value on OSX. Fix: When zero-copy downloading files that where still being uploaded the download would not continue downloading if the end of the file was reached eventho it was not yet complete, this has been resolved. Change: All group related commands are now non-case-sensitive. Fix: The external utils still had some old userfile schema's which would make the ADDED line and the EXPIRES line go bad. Fix: Added/fixed account expired message. Fix: If a dir was unnuked the dirlog was not updated correcly. This problem was found in the internal nuke command and the external nuker tool. Fix: The NLST command would not write the files to the client direcly when using option behind it. The output was cached and kept until another command which does flush was called. This has been resolved. Fix: Fixed stats segfault on empty rootpath/datapath Fix: Fixed stats segfault on invalid or unreadable ftp-data/users path. Change: Users with access to the hideuser directive will no longer be able to see other hideuser users. Change: Users with access to -showhiddenusers will now also see users hidden by the hideuser directive. Previously only users hidden by hideinwho where shown. Fix: Fixed a number of issue's with the ABOR command. Fix: Few small doc fixes (thanks for Chotaire for the reports on this and a few more issue's). Fix: A small mem leak that could occur when doing plain downloads (as in no mmap and no sendfile) and ABOR was issued has been found and resolved. Change: The ip check that is used on doing 'site addip' has been changed to allow octets of 255 (used to be max 254) because some 255's are routable these days. Fix: When sendfile was enabled on FreeBSD glFTPd would keep sending data and never stop, this has been fixed. Fix: A small local buffer overflow in dupescan.c has been fixed. glFTPd v2.0RC3 (2004-09-18): Change: Up and downloads done within paths that are not in the dirlog are no longer recorded into the lastonline log. Fix: Fixed a small mem leak. Fix: Another great installer update by psxc. Fix: A few minor bugfixes found when cleaning the code. Fix: A few problems with the pasv_ports and active_ports settings have been fixed. They where probebly noticeable when using a ports above 32767. Fix: The behaviour of the group allotment slots was not as expected. Fix: The cookie files for the monthly group stats where false. Change: When a groupadmin adds a user the users homedir will now be set according to the default.user or default. files and no longer inherit the groupadmins homedir. Fix: Fixed various small problems with groupfile unlocking in the adduser procedure. Fix: When using the ascii_downloads setting now only files that match the mask will be allowed, the docs stated this already but any file that didnt match the mask would be allowed. Fix: Gadmins could loose their gadmin flag in some cases (most common was when doing site give). Fix: When using dl_sendfile 1 resumes (REST) now works properly. Fix: The ABOR command did not work properly in non-TLS mode. Fix: Zerocopy support on FBSD should now work properly. Fix: When a user logged off the entry added to the laston.log was bad, also the size of the stats field in the laston struct has been changed. Fix: The password limit on "SITE PASSWD" was still set to 8 instead of the new 20 char limit. Change: Again changed password hashing system, see updated bin/sources/PassChk Fix: fixed SSCN ON problem with dirlists Fix: fixed some password size limit related errors Fix: fixed ginfo cookie %[%f]gW Fix: site users overflow/crash Fix: site change user expires 2004-10-10 overflow/crash Fix: REST command for sendfile transfers Fix: olddirclean2 did not handle rootpath and datapath settings in the config the right way (thanks go out to binary). glFTPd v2.0RC2 (2004-07-10): Change: The installer has been updated again and the sources that come with glFTPd have had some updates too. New: Added support for SSCN command as alternate way of doing SSL FXL. See ( for more info. Change: From now on glFTPd uses multi hashed HMAC-SHA1 encrypted passwords and no longer the old DES encryption. Old DES encrypted password files will still be useable and upon login of a user with a DES password glFTPd will automaticly convert it to SHA1. This also changes the max password size, which is now be 20 chars. Please note that some scripts that control user passwords has to be rewritten for the new scheme. See bin/sources/PassChk for example. (compiles only on linux it seems) Change: When a user logs-off this will now be logged into the login.log instead of to the glftpd.log. Fix: It was possible for people with negative credits to still download. New: glFTPd now supports buffered uploads which should decrese disk access and thus be faster and less cpu intensive. This option can be enabled using the ul_buffered directive in the config, please refer to the docs for more information. New: From now on glFTPd supports zerocopy downloading using sendfile() enabling this should make downloads faster and less cpu intensive because no data has to be copied between userspace and kernelspace. Do note that the speed limiting is somewhat less direct because of a bigger buffer. This option can be enabled using the dl_sendfile directive, please refer to the docs for more information. NOTE: some older linux distributions will not work with this, upgrade... Change: All ascii downloads and file listings (NLST/STAT/LIST) are much faster and less cpu intensive due to internal rewrites. Change: Major speedup for all SSL traffic Fix: If the connection is lost during an upload and the session times out the CRC code passed to the zipscript will now be 000000. This to prevent errors occuring when people reconnect and restart the file. NOTE: Please check your zipscript if it supports a zero crc value if you want to still get these files tested and/or not deleted. Fix: The site chgrp comment option did not work, this has been fixed. We also added the comments to the default group.txt file. glFTPd v2.0RC1 (2004-06-13): Fix: The -s option of the stats bin it used the rankings from the default section instead of the specified one, this has been fixed. Change: You can now change multiple groups at once using the site grpchange command just like this is possible with the site change command. Change: The installer is now capable to install glFTPd on: Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and Darwin (OSX). Also some enhancements and bugfixes have been done. Fix: The stats and credits of users can now really contain bigger value's. New: Added a Who Cookie which shows if the user is using ssl or not. Fix: The extra help tools dirlogclean.c, dirloglist.c and killghost.c have been updated to use the new structs. Change: The installer has been updated with a number of bugfixes and a few new things (Thanks go out to psxc). Change: The site laston command now uses a cookie file. (If you are upgrading from an earlyer version of 2.0 you have to empty your laston.log and copy ftp-data/text/laston.* to your glftpd dir.) New: 2 new config options (max_ustats and max_gstats) have been added which can limit the amount of results shown in the user and group tops. Please see the for more information. Fix: The error about the groupfile in the error.log when adding a new user has been removed. Fix: Resume will now also work with files larger than 2gb. Fix: When using the stats bin the -x option did not work in combination with the -n option, also the -T and -M options where not working correctly. Fix: The unnuke log entry was missing 2 quotation-marks ("). Fix: The stats bin has a number of problems which have been resolved. Fix: External script execution was broken in a number of cases. Fix: When one nuked an emptydir the logline would be different than on other nukes, this has been fixed. Fix: killghost.c and nukelogscanner.c where fixed to compile on FreeBSD (Thanks go out to psxc). Change: The installer has been updated, it should now work fine with FreeBSD and OpenBSD and some bugs are fixed (Thanks go out to psxc). Fix: The stats bin would crash in some cases. Fix: The nuker would screwup the nukee(s) stats on some cases. Fix: The speedlimiting code has been fixed again. Lets hope its the last time. Change: Changed the site grpchange command to be case insensitive about the specified groupname just like all other commands. Fix: Fixed the site chgrp (change group) command to work like it should again. Fix: The external utils removed the ADDED and EXPIRES lines from the userfiles. Fix: Added the missing lines in the default userfile for the user glftpd. New: The oneliners have been moved to cookie files. Change: group leech_slots/allot_slots now has -1 for unlimited and -2 for disabled. Change: The complete oneliner system has been rewritten. The oneliners are now stored in a binary form inside the log dir and kept for ever. The syntax of the oneliners option in the config also changed. New: Site take/give accepts -m to give/take mb's instead of kb's. Change: The hidden_files setting now takes path where it's active as first argument. Fix: Fixed an undisclosed buffer overflow. Fix: There was still a lil hickup in the site laston command, this has now been fixed. Fix: The global speed limiting code had a few bugs, if only a global rate was set glftpd would crash, and some calculation errors. This has been fixed. Fix: The external utils have been compiled staticly again. So if they did not work on your system, they should now. Fix: The site laston command was still reading the old laston file. This caused the command not to work at all, this has been fixed. New: A new cookie (%[%s]WI) has been added to show the time since the last successful transfer. Change: The online struct has changed, the time since the last successful transfer is now recorded. Fix: The speed limiting code has been fixed. Fix: Fixed the code of all external tools that use/update the dirlog to use the new dirlog format. Also the dirlog code in glftpd itself was fixed a lil. New: Added docs/README.multilink (something i should of done a long time ago). Change: The site wipe command will no longer follow symlinks but instead will remove any symlinks found in the wipe path. Fix: The adduser command sometimes showed a groupname in the adduser reply eventho the user wasnt supported to be or added to the group. This has now been fixed. New: A cookie has been added to display the expire date (%I!). New: It is now possible to set an expire date to users. Users wont be able to login after this date, if set to 0 the user can login till the end of days. Fix: The user max_dlspeed and max_ulspeed ranges dont go negative anymore. Fix: External utils have been updated. Change: The has been updated by Turranius. New: Users can now delete their own ip's if they have acces to -delownip. Change: The "SITE PURGE ALL" command has been replaced with "SITE PURGE *". Fix: Fixed site adduser. Change: The userfile ADDEDBY line has been replaced by the line ADDED. This line will have 2 value's behind it, first the EPOCH time the user was added and second the username of the user who added this user. Change: The external utils have been updated some what more and some bugs have been fixed. Fix: Adding users as a gadmin should no longer crash glftpd. Fix: The speed limiting didnt work properly, it has been changed and should now be faster in most cases and more accurate. New: You can now do an online config reload in glftpd. Do do this your config file will need to be inside the rootpath. To make this work you need to add a reload_config line in the config file which specifies the config relative to the rootpath. Please see the docs for more information. Change: By default we will now log all ip's again, you can disable this with the -x and -X inetd options, please see the docs for more information. Fix: When doing SITE CHANGE luser FLAGS +/-2 the error talked about flag 4, this has now been fixed. Fix: The file listings should not overflow at 4294967296 anymore (please test). Fix: A number of small other bugs. Fix: The denotation of gadmins in site ginfo didnt work anymore, this has been fixed. Fix: The multiline indicator was missing on some chgadmin commands, this has been fixed. Fix: Changed the ftp-data/text/group.txt file to have the right data types and right info in it. Fix: On the site grp command we will now only check if the user is a gadmin for the requested group if the user is a gadmin of this group. Fix: Fixed some errors in different doc files, thanks to subzero, loadet and others. New: Technical docs for coders and scripters have been made and added. New: When one tries to rename (move) a file to an other dir which is actually also another disk glftpd will now copy the dir/file to the new location and remove the old one. Previously you could only move on the same disk. Fix: Various problems with credits/stats because of the new lengths of these options. Fix: The nuker now counts files as it should again. Fix: On the ABOR command we will now give a multi line indicator on the first line and no longer on the second line. Some clients seemed to hang because of this. Fix: The calculation functions for the speed limitation has been changed to be more exact this should make limitation work better. New: A rewrite of the nuker is now included with this release. The new nuker should be way faster and have less flaws. Fix: Fixed an undisclosed possible security hole in site chmod. Change: The %Iy cookie which shows the groups a user is in will now prepend each group that the user is a gadmin of with an *. Change: glFTPd should now support big files better. New: If the -z option is not specified in the inetd config TLS will be completely disabled. Change: The SHMEM now contains a new var, its called ssl_init and it shows wheather or not a user is using TLS or not. The possible value's are: 0 = No TLS, 1 = TLS on the control channel and 2 = TLS on the control and data channel. New: A new cookie has been added, %I- this will show the user who added the shown user. New: The userfiles have a new entry in them, ADDEDBY. This will contain the user who added this user. Change: If SITE PURGE is called without any extra options it will now show the help instead of purging all. Change: We can now support hostnames within the userfiles up to 95 characters. New: Added the SITE FDUPE command, this will do the same as SITE DUPE but then for files instead of directories. Change: The SITE LASTON command is completely rewritten. The lastonline log file has been moved from the misc directory to the logs directory and is now in binary format. The new syntax is: SITE LASTON [num] [-user] [=group] [type]. For more info please refer to the docs. Change: If no rootpath is specified in the config we will now assume /glftpd as the rootpath. New: Two new stats commands have been added: GPMONTHUP and GPMONTHDN. Fix: Fixed a problem where SITE STATS would crash on some weird options. Change: It is now possible to specify more than 1 master user in the config. Please note that a master can do anything to any user, including other masters. Change: The valid_ip setting is now able to handle multiple ips. New: A new cookie has been added, %Gp which will show the percentage of the total bytes that the user has done. New: New requests will now be logged to the requests.log Change: The REQFILLED entries in the glftpd.log will now also include the user who made the request. Change: When "SITE DELIP someuser 9 2" was executed but someuser did not have ip 9 but did have ip 2 glftpd would give an error and not delete any ip. From now on glftpd will give a warning about ip 9 but still continue to delete ip 2. Change: If a new group is added without an group desciption glftpd will set the group description to be the same as the groupname. Change: The SITE GRPLOG command was removed since its intergrated within the SITE GRPCHANGE command now. Change: The show_diz setting in the config can now have rights attached to it. There can be only one show_diz file per line, the new syntax is: show_diz [rights]. New: A new config option has been added, -showhiddenusers. Users with access to this setting will see hidden users in the SITE WHO and SITE SWHO. Change: The %IX cookie has been removed. NEW: A number of new cookies have been added with regard to the group handling change, these all start with %C ... please refer to the docs for a complete list. NEW: From now on glftpd uses groupfiles for a part of the group handling. The idea is the same as with the userfiles. This affects the way glftpd works with groups/groupadmins and groupslots a lot. The group slots will no longer be on a "per gadmin base" but global for the group. This also means that the userfile layout changed somewhat (the SLTOS line was removed, and the GROUP lines now have a second option which specifies weather or not the user is a gadmin for this group). One of the new features this gives users is to have one person be gadmin of more than one group. It is also possible to be gadmin for other groups than the users primary. New commands are: SITE GRPCHANGE (change group settings) SITE GRP (show the group info) SITE CHGADMIN (change the gadmin(s) for a group) v1.32 New: makedir now checks for free space New: added pre_del_script, it's executed for rmdir/file delete after internal glftpd checks and right before the file/dir is really deleted, this couldnt be done with cscript Fix: security related fix, no details Change: compiled with newest openssl (0.9.7c) for security reasons Change: the non-bouncer log will now appear only if -b/-B was used, and only when connection is denyied, if connection is accepted you can see the info in LOGIN line (bouncer ip set to NONE) v1.31 Fix: gadmin cheating bug wasnt fixed in 1.30, sry Fix: symlink handling of symlinks ending with "/" when changing dirs is fixed Fix: unnuke of BIG dirs should show proper numbers Change: moved LOGIN and LOGOUT messages to login.log Change: by default ips are not logged in xferlog, LOGIN and LOGOUT anymore, to turn on logging add -x to your inetd commandline Add: added -X (not -x), if -X is added to inetd commandline, ips arent logged even for error messages in login.log Fix: site who permissions with gadmin fixed Add: if you use bouncer, all nonbouncer connections are logged Fix: cannot nuke symlink anymore Change: dupefile now uses fcntl() locks when changing it Fix: fixed addip of ip with .0. Fix: fixes in dupe handling + xdupe stuff Add: whole dupechecking is rewriten, should be much faster now, uses caching and is logs/dupefile is automatically "compressed", glftpd will now randomly (1/1000) decide to remove all entries older then your days limit (dupe_check in glftpd.conf) (in glftpd.log there will be a note when this happens) (old dupecheck file will be backuped) Add: support for FEAT command (rfc2389) Fix: TOS is properly set for passive transfers Change: Ident timeout is now 5 seconds (was 10) New: The "active_ports [ ...]" setting, if present in the config file, it will cause glftpd to select a port between X and Y when making active connections. Without this, the next sequential port is used. You should have around 10 ports per user, just to be safe, so if your max_users is 30, make the range at least 300. (by inferno`) Fix: if user was in nostats, stats of nuked users were not changed, fixed (nuker binary is still broken (has other bugs too, dont use it) Fix: denydatauncrypted now shows correct error when trying to download in PROT C mode Fix: group stats (gpad,gpal etc) now shows correct values if they did VERY much traffic :) Change: moved TIMEOUT to login.log and set it to hide ip unless -x is specified Fix: reset binary now supports userfiles with lines bigger then 255 chars, (too many sections) Change: LOGIN log now includes used bouncer ip Fix: gl will not start if you have more stat_sections than 9 New: tagline change will now be logged into glftpd.log New: nuke with no multiplier specified will give error message New: glftpd installer will now create certificate and install it (by Turranius) Fix: SIGCHLD rh9 error fixed Fix: allow_fxp now works if you use port bnc New: new cookie for ginfo %[%f]gW, will show wkly allotment, loot at included ginfo.body (note that %IW doesnt work in ginfo) v1.30 Fix: Fixed security bug where gadmins could overwrite/damage files in /glftpd Fix: Fixed bug where gadmins could cheat with leech slots Fix: Maybe fixed integer overflow with site nuke and big directories (4gb+) (not much tested, please report if its still broken) Change: Small SSL change to make DH key exchange more secure Fix: site change disabled (shouldnt be there...) Change: Added -seen setting to make it easier to disable site seen command Change: Added -laston setting to make it easier to disable site laston command Change: Added -traffic setting to make it easier to disable site traffic command Change: Added -userothers settings to give ability to set site user to see only himself or his group if user is gadmin, if you set this to "1" only siteop will be able to do site user on everyone (also used to site stats ) v1.29.1 Fix: SSL FXP was broken v1.29 Fix: Fixed security bug with site onel where glftpd didnt switch euid back from 0. Change: Added SSL FXP capabilities (altho no client supports this yet). Fix: Fixed a problem that caused slow ascii transfers. Fix: The use_dir_size was computing bad results. Change: The active_addr and passive_addr settings will now start at a random ip from the list instead of the first one. v1.28: Change: New requests will now also be logged to the requests.log. Change: The REQFILLED logline in the glftpd.log will now also include the user who requested it in the first place. Fix: Fixed a small exploit (undisclosed for security reasons). Change: When one does a delete on a symlink the symlink will now be removed instead of its destination. Fix: Fixed an exploit that existed in the "site give" command. Fix: Glftpd will no longer crash when using "site stats 20 ". Fix: Glftpd will no longer produce strange behaviour on some commands when there are no lastonline line(s) in the config. Fix: Glftpd will no longer crash when one does "site welcome" but has no access to any welcome message. Change: Added an option to the show_totals setting so you can specify the maximum number of lines it should show. v1.27: Fix: The ascii_downloads setting could crash glftpd when downloding files in ascii mode in some cases (this was introduced in 1.27beta1). Fix: Changed the way glftpd looks for ABOR commands during transfers so it works in TLS mode and with clients that do not follow the RFC's. Fix: Some TLS updates. Fix Changed some variables so the group totals will be harder to overflow. Fix: When a user did "site user his_own_username" he would not see the user.extra file (this was introduced in 1.27beta1). Fix: Fixed the stats commands' syntax so it works like it should again. Fix: If there was an I/O error reading the file to be downloaded, glftpd will no longer show the stat line, so clients won't get confused. New: There is now an active_addr option in the config. It works similarly to the pasv_addr option but for active connections. This is useful for sites with multiple Internet connections. Syntax: active_addr You can have multiple lines. Glftpd will go through them in a round- robin style, so that bandwidth can be distributed more or less evenly among all the interfaces. Change: You will now be able to specify multiple pasv_addr lines. When you do this, glftpd will cycle through them on each new passive data connection (transfering files). The syntax is unchanged (pasv_addr [1]). Change: Glftpd will now try to locate the glstrings.bin file in $rootpath/bin/glstrings.bin by default, instead of /glftpd/bin/glstrings.bin. The inetd option to specify an alternate path still remains. Fix: A small and rare memory leak in the userfile parsing code is now gone. Fix: The 'site wipe' command didn't interprete the 'delete' right in the config file the same way as the DELE and RMD commands, so under some circumstances, it was possible to wipe where deletion wasn't allowed. New: If strings "[:username:]" or "[:groupname:]" exist in the path argument of the rights section in glftpd.conf (upload, makedir, delete, etc), glftpd will replace them with username or primary group's name, respectively, when it's checking those rules. Exmp: upload /home/[:username:]/* * This will allow only joe to upload in /home/joe. Change: The speed_limit setting can now take -user =group flag permissions in glftpd.conf, starting with 4th argument. If no 4th argument is present, '*' is assumed for backwards compatibility. Only rules that match these permissions will be considered during transfers. Fix: The ifip/elseip/endifip block in glftpd.conf was buggy - it would perform the else part of an ifip block that was nested in the else part of another one when it was supposed to be skipping the else part of the outer block. Fix: Renaming groups works up to full 15 characters now. Fix: Renaming users fully works now - you can rename to usernames > 11 characters. Also, ':' and '/' can't be part of new username, just like with "site adduser". Fix: When a user tries to change to a directory whose parent contains characters that got converted by dir_names, glftpd will now recognize this parent as a valid directory. This should fix problems with some clients that use queues, but it is only one-level deep, so if the grandparent is like that, cd'ing will still fail. The same fix was applied to the MKD command (creating directories). Fix: It was possible to rename files/directories to names that did not follow the file_names and dir_names rules. Change: Downloading of small files will be logged to xferlog just like large files from now on. Change: The 'site search' command can now take more than one search string. Results that match ALL strings are displayed (using logical AND). New: The individual stats commands (site alup, site nuketop, etc) can now take groupname as parameter (with = in front of groupname) to count only people from that group. Gadmins can do this on their own group by default, and anyone who has access to -grpstats in glftpd.conf (including gadmins) can do this for any group. Exmp: "-grpstats 1" will cause glftpd to only display members of Friends when a siteop executes: "site dayup =Friends", "site monthdn 15 =Friends", etc. When people who do not have access do this, all users will be counted, like before. New: A new site command, 'predupe', will add the argument you specify to the dupefile database, so when someone tries to upload that file, it will be denied as a dupe. Exmp. "site predupe osama_naked.jpg". Users need access to '-predupe' in glftpd.conf to use this command. Fix: Some clients, like bulletproof ftp, use full paths when uploading files (stor /incoming/ instead of stor This causes problems when dir_names is converting directory names, because the client tries to upload to the old, unconverted directory, which of course doesn't exist. Glftpd will now see if the directory preceding file name exists, and if not, it will apply the dir_names rules against it. This should fix at least some of these problems. Fix: The 'site undupe' command will work better with wildcards now. Change: Logging of fxp transfers (turned on with allow_fxp) will now go to sysop.log instead of login.log. New: Requests made with "site request blah" will now be logged to glftpd.log as "REQUEST" if logging (-l or -L) is enabled. Filled requests will be logged as "REQFILLED". Fix: A small bug in symlink-processing code made it impossible to make directories under symlinks which point to directories in certain configurations. New: Thew %NEW# cookie can now take '.' as directory name - it will show new uploads in the current directory. Change: The pasv_ports setting can now take multiple ranges (or single ports). The new syntax is: pasv_ports #[-#] [#[-#] ...] ...where # is any port number. If a dash and another number follow, glftpd will interpret it as port range. Ports will be chosen in sequence, starting with first argument. If an argument is a range, glftpd will randomly choose ports from the range. Exmp: pasv_ports 10000-11000 20 21 22 23 80 110 1600-1610 35000-35050 Maximum is 50 arguments. It makes most sense to use the biggest range as the first argument, since it'll be used most often. New: A new glftpd.conf right, filemove, controls which files can be moved to other directories and who has access to do it. Moving is simply renaming to a different directory, ex. "ren bleh ../bleh" will move bleh to the parent directory (ren is unix ftp client's command, not glftpds, use rnfr and rnto directly). Access to filemove is completely under the rename umbrella - you can't move if you can't rename, but you could rename if you can't move. Exmp: "filemove /site/incoming/* 1" will allow siteops to move files residing in incoming or its subdirs. New: A new environment variable, $SECTION, will now hold the name of the section user currently is in. This variable changes each time the user changes directories. Change: The post cscripts for site request and site onel will not be executed if user has no access to these commands or if they fail. Fix: Turning off requests, oneliners or lastonline in glftpd.conf will no longer cause glftpd to crash when a user does "site request", "site reqfilled", "site onel" or "site laston". Fix: When doing 'help' or 'help site', custom commands will only be listed if the user has access to them. Also, access to 'help site' now obeys the -help permissions just like 'site help'. Fix: In some cases when doing site addip, the new duplicate-checking feature wasn't working 100%. Fix: When killing ghosts with ! doesn't work (there are no ghosts) but the site is full, glftpd will use the same reply code used to report that there are no ghosts, so that clients don't get confused. Fix: When site is full, glftpd will send the info as an error so that clients don't get confused and try to log in anyway. Change: Arguments to "hidden_files" can now contain wildcards like *, ?, []. New: New special color cookie, "!!", will display a single !, so to display "hello !there" use "hello !!there". New: The "creditcheck" option for glftpd.conf can now take -user/=group/flag permission arguments. If the user doesn't match those, glftpd will move on to the next rule. Path is only checked if the permissions for this rule apply. If you don't have any permissions, * is assumed, so this will make it backwards-compatible. Change: The path in 'creditcheck' will now be matched against the full path, including the file being uploaded (or nuked/unnuked/deleted), so it will work similarly to the upload/nuke/etc rights. It used to match against just the directory name (without the trailing slash). Fix: It was possible to sneak around the secure_pass setting. This hole has been plugged now. Fix: The 'site flags username' command will now correctly work for gadmins. New: The -usercomment setting in glftpd.conf is now gadmin-restricted, just like -userextra. Fix: Small fixes in the TLS code. New: Downloading files in ASCII mode can now be restricted using the "ascii_downloads [ ...]" setting for glftpd.conf. is the maximum byte size that can be downloaded in ASCII mode. Set it to 0 or any string (like 'disabled') to disable size check. is file masks which are allowed for ASCII mode. Files that don't match them have to be downloaded in BINARY mode. Omitting this setting is the same as using *, meaning all files will be downloadable. Exmp: ascii_downloads 20000 *.[Tt][Xx][Tt] *.[Dd][Ii][Zz] Note: directory listings are not affected by this. Fix: Transfers in ASCII mode will now obey speed_limit and individual max_Xlspeed settings just like BINARY transfers. v1.26: Change: Glftpd will now skip invalid lines in the rights section, so if you forget to add permissions for one right, it will just be ignored rather than rendering all rights below it useless. Fix: Several individual cookies were not using user-specified formatting when printing "Unlimited" instead of the actual number. New: A new individual cookie, %[%s]I@, will display per-user idle time. Change: Stat commands will be able to keep twice as big integers in some cases. Fix: Adding users with 'gadduser' and using a private group as groupname will not be allowed anymore. Change: You don't need to have a '*' at the end of user IPs anymore. If the IP ends in a '.', glftpd will now assume '*' is behind it, so it will work more like /etc/hosts.allow and other IP admin software. Change: The 'secure_pass' setting can now be specified several times for the same set of users. See the notes and warnings for secure_ip below. Change: The 'secure_ip' setting can now be specified several times for the same set of users. In other words, fist match will not end the search, instead, all secure_ip lines will be examined. This allows you to have several alternative secure settings, like "2 numbers and an ident or 3 numbers and no ident or hostname and ident". NOTE: this might break your existing rules if you have restricted rules first followed by a general rule for everyone. For example, if you had these two rules: 'secure_ip 3 0 1 =lamers' and below it 'secure_ip 2 0 1 *', users in group 'lamers' will now match the second rule. You need to change it to 'secure_ip 2 0 1 !=lamers *' to make it work like before. Change: The 'shutdown' setting will now take multiple arguments, each of which can be either a flag, a username with a dash in front, or a group name with a = in front. Users who match any of these will be allowed to log in, everyone else will be shown the standard shutdown message and turned away. "shutdown 0" has the same meaning as before, and is the same as "shutdown *" (no one is denied login). "shutdown 1" also has the same meaning as before, "allow only siteops to log in". To deny everyone access, use "shutdown !*". To allow only one user on, use: "shutdown -yourname !*". Fix: Glftpd will now switch to normal user before it tries to load the userfile of the person logging in, so that if the userfile's permissions are wrong, you will know right away, won't be able to log in, and thus won't mess up other stuff that depends on userfiles being readable by normal users. Change: Nuking 0-byte files won't substract from files uploaded anymore, so the ratio of uploaded files to bytes will be more accurate. Fix: Creating directories in non-existing paths won't cause glftpd to create those paths instead anymore. Change: Users who time out due to excessive idling will be logged to glftpd.log as 'TIMEOUT' instead of 'QUIT'. Change: The pasv_port setting can now go beyond 32000 up to the highest unsigned integer value of 65536. Change: The config settings 'alias' and 'cdpath' will no longer need '/homedir' in front of the directory name (as the docs suggest, but implementation told a different story). So if a user with homedir '/site' types 'site alias' and sees 'alias test /bleh/test', the actuall path that glftpd will use will be '/site/bleh/test' when the user types 'cd test'. Change: Paths for stat_sections can now contain multiple components, separated by '[:and:]', so one section can span multiple directories. Exmp: stat_section LINUX /slackware[:and:]/debian[:and:]/redhat yes Fix: The function that validates user-specifies paths has been completely re-written to make it faster, more reliable, and to fix some bugs, such as the one that was causing deletion or renaming of symlink destination instead of the symlink itself. Change: The changelog was split into changelog.old and changelog at v1.18. Change: The no_ident glftpd.conf setting has been merged with the secure_ip setting. It is now a third parameter to secure_ip, and is called "need ident". If set to 1, the user will need a valid ident for the IP being added. New: Max length of custom site commands' output changed from 999 to 9999. This is also configurable now - add "max_sitecmd_lines X" to the config file, where X is the maximum lines you want shown. New: If the HOMEDIR line in default.* files contains the string "$gluser", it will be replaced with the new user's name, so specifying: HOMEDIR /home/$gluser will cause each new user coming from that default.X file to have a homedir in /home/name. So if you add user foo, it'll be /home/foo. New: Settings in glftpd.conf can now be conditional - depending on the IP mask of the person connecting. 3 new keywords, "ifip", "elseip" and "endifip" make this possible. The "ifip" setting takes one or more IP masks. If the connecting IP matches one of those masks, settings that follow (on lines below) will be used, until "elseip" or "endifip" is encountered. If the IP does not match any of the masks, settings that follow will be ignored. If "elseip" is encountered, settings that follow it will be used instead. Nesting in the elseip part is ok, but I wouldn't recommend nesting in the if part, it might screw up. Examples: this was mainly created for the pasv_addr setting, so that people connecting locally could have a different pasv_addr than people connecting from the Internet, but it can be used with any settings: ifip 192.168.* 10.* pasv_addr sitename_long MyLanSite elseip ifip include /glftpd/etc/myspeciallocalsettings.conf elseip pasv_addr 1 sitename_long MyInternetSite endifip endifip Fix: A very lame bug crept into the code that handles uploading of files, so 0-byte files were being created when data connection couldn't be established. New: Environmental variable $HOME will now store the user's homedir. New: When adding user IPs (site addip), glftpd will now match the new IP with the existing ones, and automatically delete the ones that match the new one - so if you have *@ added, and you add *@1.2.3.*, the first one isn't needed - and glftpd will auto-delete it. Fix: Userfile will now be reloaded before each download, so that people logged in more than once don't download more than their credits allow them. This is not serious, people could only download 1 file this way, and their credits would go into negative. This fix will prevent that, so that their credits will never go below 0. Change: The show_diz and show_totals settings in glftpd.conf can now take multiple arguments, so you don't need one-per-line anymore. Change: The pre_check script (dupescript) can now be defined more than once in glftpd.conf. An additional argument specifies path to which to apply this script - if it's missing, * is assumed. First match wins. Same thing for pre_dir_check. New: A new user option, idle_time, which specifies the default AND the maximum idle time the user can have. This setting overrides the defaults, set with -t and -T on glftpd's command line. If idle_time is set to -1, it is disabled, and the glftpd will work the way it used to. If idle_time is 0, the result is the same as having the idler flag. Fix: The 'mdtm' command can now work with full paths, not just files in current directory. Fix: The 'site wipe' command didn't log wiping of files, only directories. Change: 'site wipe -r x' is now "WIPE-r" instead of "WIPE -r" in glftpd.log. Change: 'site msg' is now completely controlled by the -msg setting in glftpd.conf (before, -msg only controlled sending messages, and there was no way to deny reading of messages). Also, 'site msg =group', 'site msg { user1 ... }' and 'site msg *' are now controlled by -msg too, in addition to being controlled by -msg*, -msg= and -msg{. New: The 'site stat' command can now be controlled via glftpd.conf using -stat -user|=group|flag. This ALSO controls displaying of the statline after a transfer/listing -- people who don't have access to -stat will get a standard "Transfer complete" response. New: The 'site color' command can now take an argument - 'on' will turn it on, 'off' will turn it off, and any other word (like show) will display the current setting. If no arguments are used, the setting will be toggled, like in older versions. Fix: A signaling bug could cause sessions of some anonymous users to not die when their connections is lost after uploading. Fix: Several small bugs concerning the TLS version of glftpd were fixed. Change: The 3 zip-related site commands (nfo, ziplist, zipchk) have been removed. However, dn made 3 sh scripts to replace them. The scripts are in the glftpd/bin directory, refer to them or if you wish to enable them. The '-ziputils' config option is also removed. Fix: The pwd command can no longer use color codes. This will result in reporting the actual directory name if there are ! characters in it, instead of converting !X to a color code (or just eating it if you have color turned off). Fix: The 'site user' command would cause glftpd to crash if sitename_short wasn't defined in glftpd.conf. Change: Custom post scripts will no longer be executed if the command fails, for example if the user isn't allowed to execute it. This applies to the following commands: DELE, RMD, STOR, APPE, STOU, RETR, CWD, CDUP, RNFR, RNTO, MKD, PASV, TYPE; and the following SITE commands: CHANGE, ADDUSER, GADDUSER, DELUSER, NUKE, UNNUKE, WIPE, KILL, KICK. This list might grow in the future. Change: If a custom script that runs before a command (pre cscript) fails, as where it exits with 1, post cscript for this command will no longer be executed. v1.25: Fix: "site wipe -r " will no longer wipe current directory. Fix: "site grpadd name description" caused description to be corrupted when it was shorter than name. Change: Gadmins will no longer be able to change ratio of siteops or user editors who are in their primary group. Fix: The "site chmod" command didn't work if you used full pathname (like 'site chmod 777 /incoming/bleh'), it only worked with relative names, like 'site chmod 777 ./bleh'. Change: If you fill your own request (site reqfilled), glftpd will no longer send a notification to you. Fix: Gadmins were able to cheat and increase their group and leech slots. Fix: A bug both in glftpd and in glupdate was causing some minor dirlog corruption - comparing directory names was causing overwriting of entries that did not really match. New: New config file option to enhance and replace "freedl". The syntax is: creditloss Multiplier is multiplied by file size to get the amount of credits lost; second option, if set to "no", will not allow users who have "leech" in that directory (their ratio is 0) to download from it; path is the path/filename to apply this to; and permissions are the usual -user =GROUP flag. You can have many creditloss lines - the first path match stops the search. Exmp: "creditloss 0 yes /site/freestuff/* *" is the equivalent of "freedl /site/freestuff/* *". Fix: When resuming/appending a file, if the data connection can't be made, glftpd will no longer delete the file being resumed/appended. Change: The free space cookie will now be initialized before welcome message is displayed, for those who want to use it in there. Fix: Viewing logs by the number of days back since today (site syslog 20 for example) had many problems, like ignoring the year (so entries from sep 1 2000 would show if you did 'site syslog 5' on sep 2 2001), no cross-year check (so in january you couldn't see entries from december), etc. It has been re-written to use a much better (and simpler/faster) method of checking the dates, and the number of days can now be more than 30, so 'site syslog 366' will list all entries for the last 366 days, regardless of current date. Fix: The "time on today" variable will no longer display more than 24 hours if a user logged in more than 24 hours ago. Fix: It was possible to check if files/directories existed outside of the homedir using the STAT command. New: The killghost program was enhanced to kill more ghosts. Fix: A bug was introduced several versions back (not sure where) that would cause an error when using the NLST command with options right after a download. Linfxp was the only client affected, afaik. Change: Users will no longer be able to list directories using their homedir as the beginning of the path. For example, if homedir is /site, a user could do "ls /site" and it would return the same results as "ls /", but it served no purpose and could be a way to guess what the homedir actually is - normally homedir is invisible. Fix: A bug was introduced in 1.25 causing users with homedir of / to not be able to list any directories other than /. Change: When using "site users", the summary line at the bottom will not count all deleted users, just the ones that match the search, so "site users siteop" will only count deleted siteops. Change: "site uchanges" is now "site syslog"; the permission setting in the config file is "-syslog" instead of "-uchanges". Fix: Some clients caused glftpd to use timeout of 60 seconds instead of 900 or what follows -t on command line, if the user did not do anything after logging in. Fix: The reset binary could mess up userfiles greater than 4096 bytes (which is very unlikely to happen), and glftpd and nuker could mess them up if you added many stat sections at a time, like going from 1 to 10. Also, it's possible adding new users could be buggy if there are many stat sections. All should be fixed now. Fix: The internal nuker would sometimes log too many nukees to nukelog if someone nuked more than one directory in the same ftp session. Fix: When nuking a directory with > 2147483648 bytes of files in it (about 2 gigs), the integer would overflow, resulting in stats and credits being added instead of subtracting. The limit now is 2*2147483648, and overflow will not add credits, it will just subtract less. Fix: The "free_space" option in glftpd.conf incorrectly checked free space for the current directory instead of the upload directory, so being in / and uploading /incoming/ checked for free space in / instead of /incoming. Fix: In dir matching, doing "cd 3d" was the same as doing "cd 3", making glftpd jump to 3rd newest directory. It will now check so make sure the parameter is all numeric before jumping to dirs in 'site new'. Fix: The "site grpadd" command occasionally allowed people to create a group with the same name as a private group under some configurations. Change: The "site users" command now requires a = in front of a group name to list users belonging to that group. Also, you can now specify a flag to list users that have that flag. "site users help" will now display file ftp-data/help/site.users. New: A new option lets siteops disable fxp (transferring files to/from an IP address that is different from the user's connection's address). The syntax is the following: allow_fxp yes/no yes/no yes/no permissions where the first setting controls downloads, the second uploads, and the third, if set to yes, will log all attempted transfers to foreign addresses to login.log. Permissions are the familiar X (flag), -user or =group. First permission match decides which rule is active. Exmp: "allow_fxp no yes no =Leech 8" will allow people in group Leech or anonymous users to upload from foreign addresses (like other ftp sites), but will not allow them to download to foreign addresses. All other users are allowed both, since defaults are: yes yes no * Fix: A small problem with shared memory was fixed, which might have been responsible for the once-in-a-while screwed up transfer display in "site who" and erroneous transfer statistics. Fix: The fix to 'site ginfo' in 1.24, to make it case-insensitive, did not work for group admins. It does now. New: There was delete and deleteown, rename but no renameown. There is one now. The new renameown right for glftpd.conf controls who can rename their own files/directories and where. New: There is now a way to hide files/directories from directory listing. The config variable is hidden_files, and it takes a list of file/directory names separated by spaces or tabs. Exmp: hidden_files .message private_dir The above will hide any files/dirs called ".message" or "private_dir". Fix: When resuming downloads, glftpd will now check if the user has enough credits to download just the amount of file he's resuming, not the whole file. Change: path-filters with second field, group, being something other than '*' must be above the one with '*', because from now on, first match wins. Also, group match will happen if any of a user's groups match the second field, not just his primary group. New: "site emulate user" will load user's userfile into your process' memory, essentially becoming that user (although some things, like home directory or 'site who' display, won't change). Need -emulate permission in config file. Change: The IP list that can be used as the first IP entry of any user can contain comments now, to clarify what the IP address is. Simply place the # character at the end of the IP (you can use spaces or tabs between the IP and the # char). Exmp: user@ #user's home IP Fix: As I was going through most of the code to take out the hard-coded replies, I fixed many small bugs and optimized some code. New: Most glftpd responses, which used to be hard-coded in the program, are now kept in an external file that glftpd will load into memory when a user connects. There is a new directory in /glftpd/bin/sources, called glstrings, which contains a text file with the replies, glstrings.txt, along with tools to compile that into glstrings.bin (which glftpd reads on connect) and to de-compile an already compiled .bin file. Glftpd will by default try to read this file from /glftpd/bin/glstrings.bin; if you want to place it elsewhere, you need to use the -s option on glftpd command line. Exmp: glftpd -l -o -i -s/glftpd/mystringsfile.bin This will allow people to modify most glftpd replies, including their format, color, and content. It will also allow glftpd language packs. If you wish to mess with this, be sure to read the README file. Fix: A bug in site change could allow siteops to get root privileges (which isn't as bad as it sounds, but it might have caused some screwups with glftpd's permissions). This could hardly be exploited, since siteops already have as much privileges as it's possible to get, and this wouldn't let anyone get a shell or anything like that. Fix: A small bug with the QUIT command was confusing some clients. Change: The dividerline config setting is now obsolete; remove it from config file if you have it. The line is now taken from the glstrings.bin file. Change: The words "post" and "pre" for cscripts don't have to be lower case anymore. New: A new kind of cookie that works like an if/else statement. Let's call it a conditional cookie. It will check whether the user has flags or is in groups listed, and will print different chunks of text based on the result. Syntax: %?X,=group:text1:text2:? where X is a flag, text1 is the text printed if user has access, and text2 is printed if not. One flag or group is the minimum condition; multiple flags or groups, which can be mixed, must be separated by commas. The text1 and text2 fields can be plain text, regular cookies, color cookies, or the %LOGOUT cookie. The ':' character must not be used as part of text1 or text2, since glftpd would confuse it with the field delimiter. Example: %?1:You are a siteop, %[%s]Iu:You are not a siteop:? (this will print "You are a siteop, username" if user has flag 1, and "You are not a siteop" otherwise). Example: %?=disabled:Your account is disabled. %LOGOUT::? (this will log out users who are in group 'disabled', and will do nothing for everyone else). Example: Your comment is %?1,=STAFF:%[%s]I$:hidden:?. (this will print "Your comment is ." for siteops and users in group STAFF, and "Your comment is hidden." for everyone else. New: A new glftpd.conf command permission setting, -requestadd, will control who can add requests. The old -request setting now only controls who can view them and who can use 'site reqfilled'. New: The 'site onel' command is now controlled by a new command setting, -onel, instead of -info. Adding oneliners is controlled by -oneladd. Fix: If PASV is listed as an idle command in the config file, glftpd will no longer reset the idle timer when a user issues it. New: The "site ginfo" command now uses cookie files ginfo.head, ginfo.body and ginfo.foot from the ftp-data/text dir. The new cookies are listed in the docs. New: The "site flags" command now uses a cookie file called flags.txt that should be in ftp-data/text. The cookies for each flag are simply [%s]fX where X is the flag. The cookie will print * if the user has the flag and a space otherwise. Fix: Nukees' total bytes won't overflow anymore when there are more than 2 gigs' worth of files in a nuked dir. Same fix for show_totals. Fix: Downloading 0-byte files caused statline to be displayed twice, which screwed up some ftp clients. Fix: A fix to prevent zipscript from running twice when user lost connection didn't work completely. Another fix appears to correct that. Fix: Another bug in last-online code was sometimes causing an infinite loop, leaving ghosts that ate vast amounts of CPU. Change: The "-noaccess" setting is no longer being used; remove it from your config file. Fix: glftpd processes on freeBSD are now named correctly: (glftpd: hostname: username). New: gl_spy now shows total upload/download speed at the bottom of the screen. Fix: Code for handling errors while uploading a file should be more client-friendly now. Fix: Adding usernames >= 24 chars was causing truncation in passwd file and not in userfile's name. You can't add usernames >23 chars now. Fix: The stats binary wasn't skipping bad userfiles, causing repeating of the previous user's entry in the listing. v1.24 Fix: Custom commands can now have custom deny-messages in ftp-data/misc/ad, similar to normal site commands, but the file should be called "custom-yourcommand", not just "yourcommand". Change: Deleting directories will check the delete rules a little differently now, matching the directory to be deleted against the delete rules, not just the directory's parent, like before. This will allow creating more specific deletion rules. Exmp: "delete /site/blah*/* *" will allow everyone to delete files/directories in /site/blah, as well as /site/blah itself, or /site/blah123, etc. You might want to change your old rules, if you have "delete /site/????/* *" but you don't want people to delete /site/????, add "delete /site/???? !*" above. The same applies to the deleteown right. New: I wrote a simple C program to kill ghosts described below. Just compile it: cc -o /glftpd/bin/killghost /glftpd/bin/sources/killghost.c and run it from crontab every 5 minutes or so (as root of course): "0-59/5 * * * /glftpd/bin/killghost >/dev/null" should do it. Change: glftpd will now reset the last-action time, stored in shared memory, even if the user issues an "idle" command, like noop. The other timer, which keeps track of the last meaningful non-idle command, will do the disconnecting. If you have scripts that check the first timer and disconnect people for idling, they will still be useful because on occasion the second timer fails to disconnect the user for an unknown reason. This only happens on some systems (mainly redhat with stock kernel) and only if the user is NOT issuing any commands. Change: "site change user max_dlspeed" now takes an argument in kilobytes instead of bytes, so "site change me max_dlspeed 20" will change me's maximum download speed to 20K/s. Same with max_ulspeed. The number in the userfile is still stored in bytes, so no conversion is necessary. Change: Non-exempt users can now set their idle time below the site "minimum" with "site idle". If they want to be disconnected for idling sooner, why stop them? The minimum idle time is now always 1 (well, it's 0 for exempt users). The -t setting now controls only the default idle time. New: New feature, xdupe, will allow clients that keep queues of files to be uploaded to quickly remove files that already exist on the glftpd site from their queue without the need to refresh. This should minimize the number of 'dupe' errors as clients try to upload files that have already been uploaded by someone else to the current directory. When this is turned on (through 'site xdupe'), glftpd will give a list of files, preceded by the string "X-DUPE:", right before the usual "this file is a dupe" message. The files are first matched against a list of file masks on the "xdupe" line in glftpd.conf. See the included x-dupe-info.txt for more details. Currently, pftp is the only client which supports this feature. Change: Incomplete downloads, caused by user abort, lost connection, or other reasons, will now subtract credits from users. Resumed transfers will still subtract credits, but only for the amount transferred, not for the whole file. New: Upload resuming is now controlled by the "resume" right in glftpd.conf. The syntax is the same as overwrite. Overwrite will now only control overwriting files, with credits given for each file. Fix: When resuming uploads, stats/credits should now be handled much better: users will receive them for incomplete files (provided zipscript will accept them), and file counters will not be incremented when resuming. Fix: Fixed a bug with aborting uploads that was confusing ncftp and perhaps other clients as well. New: The "ignore_noop" setting is obsolete - remove it from your config file. New setting with similar function is "idle_commands", which takes a list of commands that will not be counted as being active. For example, "idle_commands noop pwd" will disconnect a user for idling even if he issues "noop" or "pwd" every few seconds. You can use wildcards with these commands, so cwd* will match both "cwd" and "cwd .". If a user issues a non-existing command, like "site woooba", his idle time will not reset, so it should be possible to prevent most clients from idling. "idle_commands" can take multiple arguments, and you can have as many lines of it as you want. You can use [:space:] for multiple-word commands like "site who" (site[:space:]who). Fix: "site msg *" will no longer send the message to default.user, default.groups, directories, and other unreal users. Change: When nuking dirs and the same directory was already nuked (and you are using nuke style 1 or 2), the nuked-directory will be named nuked-directory.2 or .3 etc, so that you can nuke the directories with the same name without having to remove the leftovers of previous nuke. Also, inside the nuked-directory, the info-directory that is made to show who nuked it and why will now have mode 444 instead of 555. Fix: You now can't add a group if a private group with different case but same name exists. Fix: The site grpren command should now correctly change users' group in their userfile when you call it with a name that is of different case. Also, you can't rename a group to another group that already exists. Change: The site ginfo command is now case-insensitive. New: For custom executable commands (site_cmd exec), if you specify a fourth argument, it will be passed to the program/script, followed by the user's arguments (if any). If you want to pass more than one argument, use [:space:] to separate them, so that they all fit into one. Change: If a passive connection can't be established in 10 seconds, glftpd will now return an error and allow users to continue, instead of waiting 2 minutes and then logging off. Change: The kill-ghost login method (using ! as first char of username to kill "ghosts") will now only kill one connection (the one with longest idle time) instead of all connections from that user. New: To ban users (prevent accounts with their usernames from being created) add the "banned_users" option to glftpd.conf in this format: banned_users root billgates redhatrox bearcave If present, file "/rootpath/ftp-data/help/site.adduser.banned" will be displayed when someone attempts to add root, billgates, etc . Fix: "site users leech" will now correctly identify leechers in sections where their ratio is -1 (they have leech because -1 means disabled, so the ratio for section 0 counts, but site users leech didn't know that). New: You can now use multiple zipscripts. Simply add more post_check lines to your config file, with an extra argument - path mask. Glftpd will use the FIRST zipscript whose 2nd argument matches the directory where the file was uploaded. If there is no 2nd argument, or if the argument is "*" or "/*" or something similar, this is the main catch-all zipscript. To disable zipscript for only a specific path, you can use "none" or "disabled" as the first argument (zipscript path). Example: post_check none /site/public/* # disables zipscript here post_check /bin/ /site/special/* # special zipscript post_check /bin/zipscript * # normal zipscript for all other paths Note: this is useful for people who want to allow upload resume for certain paths (which requires disabled zipscript for incomplete files to be kept), but still want to test files uploaded to other places. New: Those who, for whatever strange reason, want to turn off glftpd's file download counter (stored in each file's GID) may now do so by adding "file_dl_count 0" to their config files. Fix: The default location for /etc/group file in dirlogscanner had a typo, so listing didn't show the correct group. Change: The code for uploading was changed a little, hopefully to fix the problem with 0byte files sometimes not being deleted. Also, glftpd will now execute the zipscript even if the user loses connection during uploading, so that should allow everyone to do what they want with incomplete/0byte files. If zipscript is disabled, file will be left as it is. Change: New users will now get current time as the "last seen" date, so they won't appear to have last logged in over 30 years ago. Change: A small change that could make passive transfers faster in some cases. New: New cookie, %[%s]P, displays connection type if you are using the SSL version of glftpd. Change: The sim_xfers setting in glftpd.conf will not affect users with the EXEMPT flag now. The individual limit each user has still will. New: New siteop command, "site errlog". It is similar to "site logins" or "site uchanges", but displays the error.log file. You need to add the line "-errlog 1" to the config file. Fix: Directory matching was optimized and fixed: now, it will first check if there is a directory exactly like what user typed but with different case, and if not, only then it will match it to the beginning of each directory. So, if you have directories "bleh" and "B", and you "cd b", it will go into B, instead of bleh, like it used to. Change: The ratio cookie (which is part of the stat line) will now display the correct value when the creditcheck setting applies to the current directory, instead of displaying the user's normal ratio. Fix: A bug in the reset binary didn't give weekly allotment to people with negative credits. Fix: A silly bug in external nuker was resetting everyone's ratio to 3. New: A new cookie has been added %[%s]I+. This cookie will show the last time the user logged in, similar to "site seen". New: A new cookie, %[%d]Bo. This works similar to %[%d]B (number of users currently online), but it doesn't count hidden users. New: You can now specify if people will see colors only in the control connection or also in the directory listings. You can set this in the config file with the color_mode option. Change: The external stats program was enhanced and fixed. Fix: The nuke/unnuke code (as well as external nuker) was fixed, some parts being completely re-written, by Bloody_A. It should fix a lot of bugs and stuff. Also, the third option of nukedir_style setting will now control the total size of the dir, not size of each file in the dir. Change: Glftpd will only allow 2 asterisks as arguments to the LIST command. If you want to allow more than 2, add another argument to the lslong line in the config file, containing the number of asterisks you want to allow. 0 = unlimited. Change: The rights section of glftpd.conf (upload, delete, makedir, etc) is now case sensitive, so /site/incoming will not match /site/Incoming. Fix: Hostnames will now be matched with no regard for the case, so if you are from but in glftpd it's, you will be able to log in. Fix: A minor bug when logging "site change user num_logins" to sysop.log. Fix: A few 'format bugs' were fixed, which in theory could be exploited. v1.23 Fix: A rather serious vulnerability in handling bouncers was fixed, if you use one, you are urged to upgrade asap. Those that don't use bouncers are unaffected. Fix: Useredit was processing credits as an unsigned number, so a negative number became a really big positive number. Fix: The use_dir_size option will now be able to count much higher than 4 gigs if you set it to display kilobytes or gigs. Fix: The useredit binary was somehow compiled incorrectly - it was mixing ratio and credits. Fix: gl_spy was finally fixed to not screw up display with long filenames Fix: A stupid bug in site nuke and external nuker - if the nuker had zero bytes uploaded this month, the nukee didn't lose his/her monthly stats. Fix: The use_dir_size option will now work when you list files for a directory different than your current directory, for example if you were in / and did "list incoming", it was using 0 as every directory's size. Now, it will work the same as "cd incoming" followed by "list". New: You now need to specify paths for which the use_dir_size option will work. Just list the paths as additional parameters in glftpd.conf, separated by tabs/spaces. No wildcards. Every path that starts with what you specify will use this option (so it's recursive). To enable this feature for the whole site, just add /. Exmp: use_dir_size k /site/incoming /private New: A new supercookie, %LOGOUT, will cause glftpd to properly log off the user. This can be used in connection with some scripts to temporarily disable an account or something like that. New: The dupe_check setting in the config file takes a new parameter, "yes" or "no". This controls whether glftpd should ignore file case during dupe checking. If set to "yes", and is in the dupe database, glftpd will not allow to be uploaded. If set to "no", it will. "no" is assumed if the parameter is missing (so it's like UNIX). Fix: Custom site commands that use the "IS" action (which makes that command execute a built-in command that follows the argument) could not be restricted with the custom-xxx setting, only the restrictions for the original built-in command worked. You can now do that, so if you define "site_cmd last is laston", and then "custom-last 1", only siteops will be able to do "site last". Keep in mind that the restrictions for "site laston" (controlled by -info) are still in effect, so there are two restrictions on "site last" now, the ones following "custom-last" and the ones following "-info". New: New command line option (goes into inetd.conf), -L. It works almost the same as -l, the difference is it will log new directories to glftpd.log no matter what (-l only logs them if they're in the dirlog path [defined in config file]). New: New setting for config file, sim_xfers. It takes 2 parameters, total number of simultaneous downloads and uploads. -1 means unlimited; 0 means none. Exmp: "sim_xfers 10 -1" will allow 5 simultaneous downloads from the site, and an unlimited number of simultaneous uploads. No one is exempted, so if you're trying to limit only some users, use the individual simultaneous transfer limit. Fix: External nuker had problems executing botscript for weird dirs. Fix: Using "timezone" disabled the feature where glftpd waits for file to be completely uploaded before closing download connections if someone is downloading the same file faster than it's being uploaded. Change: "site ginfo" will only show full megs now instead of fractions. Fix: Some fixes to making directories to avoid a possible security breach. Change: Resuming uploads should now work with more clients - glftpd will accept either the STOR or APPE command for this, not just APPE like before. New: Addition to the -noaccess setting for the config file: if the file ftp-data/misc/ad/command exists (command is the trigger used to control this command in the config file, without the leading dash), glftpd will display that file as the "no access" response. If it doesn't exist, glftpd will try to display the file following the -noaccess setting. If that fails, or there is no setting, it will display the default. Exmp: create /glftpd/ftp-data/misc/ad/who and put "No access to who" in it, if you want to display that error when someone has no access to "site who", but you want a different response for other commands. Fix: *sigh* another bug in site wipe - wiping files caused it to crash. Fix: "site give" and "site take" were sending empty messages to the person doing the giving/taking. I changed these messages so they look better, too. Fix: "site give" will not allow you to overflow someone else's credits anymore (by giving them more credits than a long integer can handle). Fix: Users who delete themselves won't be able to readd themselves anymore. Fix: "site search" will no longer show directories outside your homedir or privpath'ed directories. "site new" will skip privpath'ed dirs too. New: When a directory is deleted, botscript will now be executed with "DELDIR" as a parameter. Until now, it only executed with "NEWDIR", "NUKE" and "UNNUKE". Fix: "site readd user" didn't work when the user had leech, even if the readder's leech slots were disabled. A simple "<= 0" instead of "== 0" bug, oops. Fix: A bug in "site wipe" sometimes switched the process's uid permanently to regular uid, so it couldn't get back to root when it needed it - consequently, many file-dependent functions didn't work if directories in ftp-data were chmodded to 755. Fix: In v1.22, users with negative credits could download all they wanted. Change: "site who" will no longer show the parameters to the PORT command because that's a good way to find the user's IP. "site swho" is unaffected. New: Some errors that used to go to sysop.log will now go to error.log in the ftp-data/logs directory. This is not viewable with site commands, so you might want to set up some script that checks it once in a while. To start the log, do "touch /glftpd/ftp-data/logs/error.log". New: Two new per-user settings: max simultaneous downloads and max simultaneous uploads. These can be changed with "site change". Setting these to -1 disables them; 0 prevents any uploads/downloads. Cookie "%[%s]I^" will display max sim uploads, and "%[%s]I*" downloads. Change: Due to DES limitations, users will no longer be able to change their passwords to something > 8 characters. Before, glftpd would allow it, even though only the first 8 characters were used. Fix: If a user uploading to a "nodupecheck" directory loses connection, glftpd will no longer remove the file he was uploading from the dupe database (since the file wasn't added). New: The maximum number of logins for a user from the same IP is now stored in userfiles. It used to be available only to anonymous users through their password; this has been removed, anonymous passwords can only be @ or * now, with no number following them. This setting can be changed using "site change user num_logins" - it's the 2nd parameter. There is a new cookie for this, "%[%s]I#". New: The "site wipe" command will now log itself to glftpd.log. Fix: "site wipe -r" didn't remove subdirectories from dirlog correctly. Change: "site ginfo" will now indicate who is a siteop or a gadmin. v1.22 Fix: Nukers were able to nuke the whole site if they were given nuke rights for it (as in nuke * *). They will not be able to nuke outside of their home directory now. Fix: The privpath config setting won't hide directories that start with the same name, exmp: if you privpath /site/tmp, it used to hide both /site/tmp and /site/tmp2. New: You can now specify hostnames on the bouncer_ip line - glftpd will try to resolve each item first. Fix: Gadmins who don't have any leech slots and try to readd users that have leech will now be denied. Change: The built-in dupechecker will not deny upload if the file in the dupe database has different case than the file being uploaded. For example, you can now upload if already exists - unless your file_names rule changes to, in which case the upload will be denied. Fix: A few credit bugs concerning anonymous users and up/downloading. These users will not be able to reload their userfiles with any command now - a few commands/actions allowed that. Change: Custom executable commands will now respond with "530 error executing command" if the file exits with something > 0, instead of saying "200 command successful" no matter what. New: Default home directories for new users will now be taken from the default.user or default.groupname file instead of the default_homedir setting in the config file. This way, it will work much better with the "site gadduser" command. If you're a gadmin, users you add will still inherit your own homedir regardless of what's in the group file. Fix: The group stats showed one more line than the number that followed them, ex: "site gpal 3" would show 4 lines instead of 3. Change: If zipscript exits with 1, file will not be automatically deleted anymore. The error printed will still be "can't be executed". Fix: Site wipe didn't recurse correctly. Fix: Glftpd will now correctly resolve hostnames from bnc4all and dike ftp bouncers. Fix: Dirlogscanner was fixed by maestro (some rare bug) Change: The olddirclean util was enhanced (and command line options were changed), the new version, 2.1, is called olddirclean2, the source is in /glftpd/bin/sources. Fix: Small fix to gl_spy; stat section fix to useredit; more fixes to external nuker and "site nuke". Fix: External nuker sometimes deleted files that were defined in ignore_type when nuke method was 2 (keep all files). Fix: Fixed more problems with glftpd, nuker and reset for sites that have 10 stat sections. Fix: Fixed a problem with external nuker, where it could screw up the GENERAL line of userfiles. Fix: Using the -Tn parameter will reset default idle time to n during login if n is smaller than 900 (so you don't need -t). Change: The REST command will now correctly instruct users that they need to issue "APPEND" or RETRIEVE, not "STORE" or RETRIEVE. Change: Glftpd will no longer delete 0-byte files if the upload was completed successfully - only when connection wasn't established. You can easily delete 0byte files through zipscript - I added the code to the base zipscript if you want to see how it's done. Fix: Small bug in grpren which allowed spaces to be at the beginning of the new group name. New: [:hash:], if found in config file, will be converted to #. New: The stats binary was updated by HoE to show daytop and monthtop for groups. Change: Nukers are no longer allowed to delete files in the directories where they can nuke. If you want to give them delete access to some, directories, add the A flag to the delete lines in your config file. Change: Rewritten "SITE DUPE" command, check the site.dupe file in ftp-data/help Fix: Fixed small bug in MDTM output Fix: Ok I finally fixed the bug with bandwidth control, where it wouldn't work if the limit was below 8K/s. It should work down to 1K/s now, possibly even lower, and should be more accurate. Fix: Fixed the bug in lastonline code that would leave lock files and ftp ghosts if the lastonline file didn't exist. Change: Some cosmetic changes to user interface when changing flags. Fix: If a user's tagline contained "%s" (and probably other output format codes too), glftpd would crash during "site who". It's still a bad idea to have those in taglines - glftpd still won't allow users to use them. New: If a user's first IP starts with '!', glftpd will try to read a list of IPs from a file that follows the !. One IP per line, make sure there are no carriage returns at the end of each line (just a linefeed). It has to be the first IP. You have to add it manually to the userfile, it can't be added with a site command (for security reasons). If an IP in that file starts with a !, it will be banned, meaning this user will not be allowed to log in if his ident@ip matches. If this file does not exist or the user's IP is not on the list, glftpd will continue checking the rest of IPs in the userfile the old way. Change: The MKD command will now respond with the name of the directory created. Fix: 2 stupid bugs with the idle time: the idler flag stopped working, and issuing an unrecognized command caused your idle time to be set to 60 seconds. Oops. Thanks to Zio for debugging it with me. New: New users will now get a default idle timeout of 60 seconds until they log in successfully, at which time it will become whatever the -t parameter in inetd.conf is. This way no one can easily block all your slots by connecting and not logging in. Fix: There was a bug in the lastonline code - if you defined the number of lines to be more than 50, it would corrupt the file. Now, any number bigger than 50 will be treated as 50. Fix: When doing "cd 1", if newest directory in dirlog was outside this user's homedir, he/she would get an error message containing the newest directory. Glftpd will now just say "Invalid Directory". Fix: In some rare cases, users were allowed to idle forever without having the idle flag. I believe this happened sometimes when establishing a data connection failed. It should be ok now - at least it stopped happening to me after this fix. New: Since so many people are too lazy to delete old stuff from the shell or make an external script to do it via ftp (DELE removes credits and stats from the uploader), I coded a "site wipe" command. If the argument is a file, it will simply be deleted. If it's a directory, it and the files it contains will be deleted. If the directory contains other directories, the deletion will be aborted. To remove a directory containing subdirectories, you need to use "site wipe -r dirname". BE CAREFUL WHO YOU GIVE ACCESS TO THIS COMMAND. Glftpd will check if the parent directory of the file/directory you're trying to delete is writable by its owner. If not, wipe will not execute, so to protect directories from being wiped, make them 555. Also, wipe will only work where you have the right to delete (in glftpd.conf). Delete right and parent directory's mode of 755/777/etc will cause glftpd to SWITCH TO ROOT UID and wipe the file/directory. "site wipe -r /" will not work, but "site wipe -r /incoming" WILL, SO BE CAREFUL. To give access to site wipe, add "-wipe -user or =group or flag" to config. New: Added 5 new custom flags - J, K, L, M, and N. You can use these in the config file to give some users access to certain things without having to use private groups. These flags will only show up in "site flags" if they're turned on. Fix: Fixed a bug that I created in 1.21 - uploading 0byte files was causing glftpd to 'hang' - oops ;) Fix: The nuker binary (external nuker) was corrupting dirlog because of an outdated record definition (one symptom was that nuked directories did not disappear from 'site new'). Change: If you're using the * password for anonymous users, the actual password used will be logged to login.log, just like with the @ password. Change: Looks like the LOGOUT problem in glftpd.log wasn't fixed right. I removed 2 instances of glftpd adding the LOGOUT entry before the LOGIN entry was added. Hope this fixes it. Fix: Fixed a bug that made the process's name 3-4 lines long, with spaces following the hostname. Now, NULL will follow hostname. As a result, entries in your syslog (if you have -d enabled in inetd.conf) will look the way they should have. Change: The variables storing total bytes for show_totals have been changed from signed to unsigned, so they can store twice as many bytes now, and they won't become negative. Fix: "site take" had the same bug "site give" had (site take name amount msg didn't send the msg). Fix: Making directories in a certain way by-passed path-filter and created the dir even though it should have been denied. Same with uploading files. v1.21 Change: The "file_names" and "dir_names" options for the config file changed. The new format is: dir_names 1/0 [lower/upper] [XY] [XY] ... The first parameter is the same: 1 means capitalize first letter. If the second parameter is anything but lower or upper, it will be ignored. The third parameter is a list of character conversion pairs. Character X will be translated to character Y. If Y is the word "NULL" then character X will just be deleted. Example: dir_names 0 bleh [( ]) [:space:]_ ,NULL This will convert all square brackets to parentheses, spaces to underscores, and delete all commas. Same goes for file_names. New: All site commands can be re-wired to custom site commands now. For example, in order to invoke the "site who" command when someone types "site usersonline", add "site_cmd who is usersonline" to the config file. "Is" is the parameter that causes the re-wiring. Change: The hideuser option in the config file will now take multiple parameters in the '=group -username flag' format. You need to put all your hideuser lines together on one line, since only the first occurrence will be looked at. Fix: (Probably) fixed the bug of corrupting userfiles and/or crashing when you add more than 10 sections to the userfile. Fix: ls -lR will now strip the home directory from every directory whose contents it lists. ls -ld will also strip the home directory. Fix: Doing "site user blah" resulted in an error message in the sysop.log file if blah was not a valid user. Change: The cookie files for "site nukes" have been re-designed. Each nuke entry will take up 2 lines. You don't have to use these. Change: Fixed a problem with stat sections. If you specified the path as /site/section/*, going into /site/section didn't switch you to that section, you had to go into the subdirectories. Another solution was to use /site/section* as path, but that wasn't a good fix. Change: The hideinwho option will now hide the user regardless of what he/she is doing, not just when he/she is transferring files. Fix: The nuke right will now behave like other rights; if you make it /site/incoming/*/, this will only apply to dirs under incoming, but not to their directories. Change: The function responsible for adding total size of all files in a dir (for use with the use_dir_size setting) was improved and should be a little faster now. Fix: Useredit was fixed to not show ?????? in the bytes fields when showing user stats (when you press ->). Fix: Another bug in site nuke AND external nuker, empty directories were not causing any credit penalty in some cases. Change: It looks like scripts can return 127 instead of 1 in some cases when they can't be executed, so exit code 127 will be treated just like 1 by glftpd. New: The "pasv_ports X Y" setting, if present in the config file, will cause glftpd to select a port between X and Y when making a passive connection. Without this, the next sequential port is used. You should have around 10 ports per user, just to be safe, so if your max_users is 30, make the range at least 300. Change: UNFO in userfiles is now called TAGLINE. Glftpd will auto-convert. New: Userfiles will now carry a new line, DIR, whose parameter will be the user's starting directory. Do not include the rootpath or the homedir in this. exmp: DIR /incoming will have the user start in /glftpd/site/incoming. Change: Since I upgraded my system, glftpd will now be compiled on libc6 (also known as glibc2). Also, it will be a static binary, so that variations in libc versions won't cause different behavior on different boxes. Fix: Looks like I broke the calc_crc feature in 1.20. New: The DIR option in userfiles can be changed through ftp with "site change startup_dir ". Fix: Someone found a bug in site give that was there probably the whole time (I don't remember ever messing with site give). Anyhow, site give username 50000 blah blah blah will now send the "blah blah blah" message to username, like the docs say it's supposed to. Fix: 2 more nuke bugs: glftpd was dividing by 1048676 instead of 1048576 to get megs from bytes, and site unnuke was subtracting more from the bytes_nuked variable than it should, resulting in incorrect nuketop. Fix: A small bug with site kick (adding stupid errors to sysop.log). Fix: If a user was connected but didn't log in yet and someone did a site who, glftpd would add an error to sysop.log saying userfile for -NEW- could not be opened. Fix: Thanks to Zio, who found these, 2 bugs were fixed, with site nuke and with the dele command, that caused weird lock files to be created in the ftp-data/users dir. New: The "lastonline" option in glftpd.conf can now take an optional 3rd argument. If that argument is 1, users who didn't upload, download, nuke or add a user and who timed out will not be logged. If it is 2, these users won't be logged even if they lost connection or quit normally, not just when they timed out. This only affects the "site laston" list. Fix: Lockfiles will no longer appear in "site users" or "site user". New: Oneliners now show the date before the name. As a result, they are limited to 57 characters instead of 60, or they wouldn't fit on regular 80-column screens. Fix: Fixed a bug with "site grpnfo" that would add a new group if you used it on an existing group with different capitalization. Change: Glftpd will now delete 0-byte files created by the STOR command if the preceding PORT/PASV command was unsuccessful. As a side effect, you won't be able to leave messages using "quote stor your_msg_here" anymore, but I think it's worth the trade-off since it's easy to make a custom command for leaving messages. Change: The pasv_addr setting was causing glftpd to tell the client which IP to connect to, but it was really binding to the default interface. I changed it to bind to that IP instead. If you need to work the way it used to, add another parameter to pasv_addr, 1. ex: pasv_addr 1 Fix: Deleting files smaller than 50k resulted in corrupted stats in userfiles. Fix: The nuke and unnuke commands (and external nuker) will no longer report that a user with leech lost credits when nuking more than 1x (the user didn't really lose credits, but glftpd was reporting that he/she did). Fix: Users trying to log in with a bad ident@ip were causing glftpd to add a LOGOUT entry to glftpd.log, which shouldn't be there. Change: The privpath setting didn't allow you to cd to the directory specified as first parameter, but it let you cd to subdirectories of that dir. It won't any more. New: Added code to prevent making directories or uploading files inside private dirs to which the user doesn't have access. v1.20 Change: "site gadduser" will now use, if it exists, instead of using default.user, so it will work the same as if a group admin was adding this user (except flag 3 will not be automatically assigned and the user will not inherit the adder's home directory). Change: When a nuked directory contains other directories, they will be chmodded to 555 so that no one will be able to upload to them. Unnuke will chmod all subdirectories of the unnuked directory back to 777. New: Added code that will allow siteops to set up UNLIMITED custom scripts to run before/after any command they choose. To do this, you need to add the script in the following format to the config file: cscript If using a command with a space in it, like a site command, you need to use "[:space:]" between the words, ex: SITE[:space:]WHO. can be either "pre" (to execute this script before executing this command), or "post" (to execute it after). Path/filename is the full path to the script, ex: "/bin/". "post" scripts won't be able to echo anything because they are executed after glftpd sends the response to the client - can't do this any other way. If a "pre" script exits with anything bigger than 0 (or if it can't be executed), glftpd will NOT execute the command which should run after the script. Also, it is YOUR responsibility to echo the correct MESSAGE CODE with every echo line that you use - if you echo the wrong code, ftp clients may 'hang'. To find out what code you need to use, just look at what glftpd uses when that command is executed. Example: if you run a script before "site who", and you want to print something from it, use: echo -e "200Your message here\r". If you exit a pre script with 1 in order to prevent the user from executing the command, you might want to use a generic error code with your echo lines, like 500, which will tell the clients that this command was denied - or use the error code that glftpd uses when denying execution of this command. Both kinds of scripts will be passed 3 parameters: $1 = full command string the user used, $2 = user's login name, $3 = user's primary non-private group. New: Online logs (uchanges, logins, and reqlog) can now take a second parameter, a string to search for. "site logins 0 lamer" will display all entries with the word "lamer" in them; "site uchanges 10 purge" will display all purges from the last 10 days. New: If zipscript returns a number between 10 and 1010, glftpd, after deleting and unduping the file, will sleep for (the number returned minus 10) seconds. So, if you want to prevent people from uploading incomplete files in rapid succession, just change your exit code to 10 more than the number of secs you want glftpd to wait. ex: "exit 25" will make glftpd sleep for 15 secs. New: New cookie, %[%s]b, will print the name of current section. Change: The statline.txt cookie file can now contain multiple lines; all the lines will be displayed after directory listing, transfer, or doing "site stat". New: A new environment variable, SPEED, will be exported after every upload/download, so it can be used in zipscript or a post-script running after the RETR command - it will contain the kilobytes/sec. ex: echo -e "$SPEED\r" will print 500 if you transferred the file at 500K/s. Fix: If downloading at really fast speeds (1000k/s and up), glftpd would report a much lower speed because it would write to logs first and calculate speed after that, instead of right after the transfer. Change: The lines in etc/group can now be twice as long as before. Change: Nuke/unnuke reason was increased from 30 to 60 characters. Since nukelog is a binary file, you have to start a new nukelog (unless you write a converter). Also, to actually use this, you need to edit your cookie file and increase the reason field's size. Change: The secure-ip code was cleaned up. Among other things, it will no longer let you add a hostname with no ident at all, you need to use *@hostname, so you'll be under the rules of the no_ident setting. Change: The ratio cookie will show "Leech" instead of "Unlimited" when the user's ratio is 0. New: 2 new cookies for "site who" and "site swho": %[%s]Wx, for total upload speed by all visible users, and %[%s]Wy, for total download speed. Probably the best place to use these is in the who.foot file. Fix: Looks like anonymous users kept generating a lockfile every time they logged in - how could it be that no one noticed this?? New: A new right, "deleteown", for the rights section in the config file, which gives users permission to delete their own files (their stats and credits will be adjusted). To have glftpd work like in previous versions, you need to add "deleteown * !8 *" to the config file. If a user has rights to delete files via the delete/nuke rights, the deleteown right will have no effect. Change: "site ginfo" will now show "***DELETED***" instead of a user's tagline if he/she has the delete flag enabled. Change: The "site readd" command is now gadmin-restricted, meaning that if gadmins have access to it via the config file, they will only see deleted users in their own group. "site readd username" already was restricted, so no changes to that. Change: The "site purge" command is now gadmin-restricted, so if you give gadmins access to it, they will only be able to purge users from their own group. Change: Users will only be able to see new directories created under their homedir's tree with site new, so a user with homedir /site/lamers will not see directories created in /site/incoming (but you can still use the %NEW cookie, with /site/incoming as a parameter, in a msgpath file or as a custom command to display it for them). New: gl_spy and useredit were enhanced and a few small bugs were fixed. Fix: A bug in "site ginfo" was putting error messages into sysop.log. Fix: Fixed a bug that made the speed outrageously high if a user was downloading a file for more than 3 hours. Fix: When a user restarted a download, he was losing credits for the whole thing, but his stats only reflected the resumed part. Not anymore. Change: The show_diz cookie files are now called show_totals. Fix: Numerous fixes to the rename/rmdir functions. Change: Dupelog is back to what it used to be - new entries are written at the end. New: Site dupe will now only list the specified number (or 20 if no number) entries from the bottom of the file, instead of from the top. It will also take multiple words, ex. "site dupe linux free office" will find entries like "" but not "" (in other words, AND is assumed between search terms). This was done by _HoE_. New: I created and added it to the file to be displayed to people with flags D or E. It contains 3 commands: kick, kill and swho. Fix: Fixed a y2k bug in the mdtm command :). New: A new config file setting, secure_ip. This will let you define who can add what kind of IPs to users. You can specify who can add non-numeric hostmasks (as in a@* and how many fields must be fully-numeric in numeric IPs (without wildcards). The first parameter is the minimum number of numeric fields; the second should be 1 if these people are allowed to add non-numeric hostmasks, 0 if not. The rest of parameters are permissions, as with secure_pass. ex: "secure_ip 1 1 =STAFF 1" means staff and siteops only need one numeric field in a numeric IP and they are allowed to add non-numeric hostmasks. "secure_ip 3 0 *" means that everyone else needs at least 3 numeric fields in a numeric IP and can not add non-numeric hostmasks. You can have several secure_ip lines. First match wins, so put the most specific on top and a catch-all case at the end. v1.19 Fix: SITE NUKE was crashing for 1% of users, it should work for everyone now. Change: The max value for num_logins was increased from 9 to 30000. Change: If an upload was around 3 gigs, glftpd would list the dir's size as a negative number. I changed this 'long' to be unsigned, so it will now handle directories twice as big as before. Fix: A nasty bug would overwrite your username if you changed your tagline to something longer than 63 characters. The only problems that I know of that resulted from this are a blank slot in site who and the ability to log in more than what your num_logins was set to. Change: The configurable site commands (at the bottom of the config file) are more configurable now. You can use -username to give access to a specific user. ! can also be used in front of groups or users, not just in front of flags. Change: grppath is now called privpath. Also, it will now take flags, =groups, or -usernames instead of just group names. NOTE: Wildcards are still not allowed in the path setting - it would slow down listing directories too much. Change: The rights section went through a similar change. First of all, remove the word "yes" and "no" from those lines. Second, before every group name add a =. You can also add flags or -usernames. If you had a line with a "no", just add a ! in front of every group/person/flag you wish to exclude from this right and add a "*" as the last argument. The affected rights are: upload, delete, nuke, overwrite, dirlog, makedir. Fix: "site users deleted" didn't work. Change: Glftpd will now write a new directory to the beginning of dupelog instead of appending it at the end, so the results of "site dupe" will be newest-first. Note that this requires re-writing the dupelog file each time someone makes a directory. If your dupelog is big, you might need to cut it down if "mkdir" is slow. If I get reports that this results in a significant slowdown, I might go back to the way it was before and just write a util to run once a day that will sort the dupelog. Change: The syntax of "secure_pass" changed. The groups/users/flags on the right now mean users that this rule applies to instead of users who are exempted from this rule. Also, you can now have multiple rules, for example if you want a different rule for siteops and a different one for normal users, or a different one for several group. The first match with a flag/group/username stops the search, so make sure to put the tightest rules on top. See examples in config file. Change: The "no_downloads" setting is obsolete. Instead, use "download" in the rights section. Ex: "download * *" will allow everyone to download everything. If you have "download /private/* 1" above that, only siteops will be able to download from the /private directory. Change: The "freedldir" setting changed name and format. It is now called "freedl" and looks like any other right from the "rights" section, meaning it can take multiple groups, usernames, or flags. Change: The "freefile" setting went through the same change. Change: "nostatdir" is now "nostats" and the rules changed same as above. Fix: There was a serious bug in unnuke. If a dir was nuked at other than 1x, then the nukee would get back no stats back (if 0x) or # times size of stats back (#x) instead of 1 times size. It's so sad no one found this until I *accidentally* noticed it during other testing. Change: "hidedir" is now called "hideinwho". Yes I know it sounds funny, but it's much more descriptive not, so no one will confuse it with privdir (former grppath). Also, siteops are no longer exempted by default. If you want siteops to see people who are in private dirs, change the "*" at the end to "!1 *". Change: "show_diz" will no longer display directory totals (also known as race info). To get that, enable show_totals. The syntax is the following: "show_totals /site/incoming/*/". This will show totals for any directory in /site/incoming. You can have several lines of show_totals. New: You can now have different welcome messages for different users. Just add a new "welcome" line and flags/groups/users to which this message should be displayed, i.e. "welcome /ftp-data/welcome2.msg =STAFF". New: Same with "goodbye". New: Similar story with the "newsfile" line, with one difference. If a match is found, glftpd keeps searching for and displaying other newsfile lines. With welcome and goodbye, the search stops on first match. Change: The no_ident rule's effect has been reversed. Instead of the groups/ users/flags on the right specifying users exempted from this rule, they now specify users to whom this rule applies. Change: "msgpath" can now also take flags/groups/users. Glftpd will display every file on a msgpath line if both the path (first argument) matches and the user has a flag/is in a group listed on the right. You need a trailing slash for the path if you don't use wildcards. Fix: Another fix in site nuke - it would crash if you tried to nuke files by a user that was not in the passwd file. New: The stat commands (wkup, aldn, etc) can now take a section name or number as the 2nd parameter (the 1st parameter must be the number of lines to display). The stats cookies (%WEEKUP etc) will also work like this. If the second parameter is missing, stats will be shown for the current section (just like before). New: A new cookie, %[%s]Id, will print a 'Y' if the user has messages waiting and an 'N' if not. New: The "site group" and "site chgrp" commands are now case-insensitive. Instead of having to do "site chgrp bleh StAfF" (assuming you're into that kind of names) you can do "site chgrp bleh staff" and group "StAfF" will be added to the user's group list. Change: The "calc_crc" setting will now take multiple arguments, which can be either file masks (*.rar) or directory masks (/site/Rars/*). Only files that match one of the parameters to calc_crc will have their CRC code calculated and passed to zipscript. NOTE: For dirs, if you don't have a wildcard at the end, you need the trailing '/'. Fix: LOTS of bugs fixed in external nuker, and a few small ones in internal nuke/unnuke routines. Change: Killing of ghosts (by logging in with ! in front of username) will now be logged into login.log instead of sysop.log. Change: The "tagline" option in the config file wasn't working like the docs implied for a long time. The default tagline is what's in the default.user file, the only thing this was used for was to enforce taglines. So, you don't need a 1 or a 0 at the end anymore; if this option is present, and if the user's tagline is the same as argument #1, he will be forced to change his tagline. Fix: Fixed a small problem in ftpwho and gl_spy that would say that a user is still uploading (at 0k/s) after he/she finished. Fix: Fixed a rather serious bug of people being able to download without being seen if using ASCII mode. Most files will be corrupted when downloading this way, but some (gzips) will not. v1.18 Change: As you can see, version numbers changed from 1.xx.xx to 1.xx. Version 1.17.3 was a private beta version of 1.18, so 1.18 is the next public version after 1.17.2. Fix: I forgot to delete part of the code I re-wrote, so nukers were unable to delete files even if they had delete access. Once again, thanks to all the beta testers who never reported this. Why am I the only one who finds all the bugs??? Fix: Site update was fixed to inform you why it wouldn't work in some cases. Fix: glupdate.c was changed to NOT strip rootpath from the directories if it was "/", so that directories will get added as "/glftpd/site/bleh" instead of "glftpd/site/bleh". New: site update and glupdate.c are now fully recursive. That means that when you have subdirectories in the directory you're updating, their size will be counted and added to the main directory's size. For example, directories with CD1 and CD2 inside will no longer show up as empty. Change: glupdate once again. It will now take the -r switch to specify a non-standard config file, so you don't have to recompile it. A bug was also fixed which made glupdate corrupt dirlog if you compiled it on a libc6 system. Change: Directories with more than a gig of files inside will now be shown in site new with a size of x.xxxG instead of xxxx.xM, which used to cause this field to run into the number of files field. New: After executing a custom command, glftpd will now reload that user's userfile in case the external process made changes to it. Fix: glftpd will now successfully compile and work on libc6 systems (but we will still be compiling new binaries on libc5). New: You can now make glftpd show directories' size (the total size of all files in that directory), instead of the number of bytes the directory takes up, when a user does a "LIST". It will look like this: drwxrwxrwx 1 user group dddd Nov 22 16:49 incoming (dddd is the number of kilobytes the files in that directory occupy). To enable this, add "use_dir_size k" to the config file. You can also use b or m instead of k, changing the display to be in bytes or megs. New: Reset will now take a switch (-a) that lets you reset alltime stats. I still think that's lame but I'm sick of people asking for it. Fix: SITE GADDUSER was screwing up unix clients if the user you tried to add already existed. New: If there was only 1 meg of free space and someone was uploading files 3 megs in size, all of them would fail, resulting in a big waste of bandwidth. You can now add "free_space x", x being a number (in megs), to the config file, which will prevent people from uploading when the current directory's free space is less than x. Fix: 2 minor fixes made for the timeframe feature. Fix: Directory matching expanded to match directories at the end of path, like /site/incoming/bl, which will now match "/site/incoming/bleh". This fixes problems with flashfxp if you drag a directory whose name is converted by glftpd (to upper/lowercase, etc). New: SITE NEW will now accept "." as a parameter, and will only show new directories in the directory tree you're in instead of the global list. If you still want to specify the number of matches to display, you can put it after the ".", i.e. "site new . 5". EXMP: "site new ." will show 10 newest dirs in current directory tree. Fix: Gadmins were able to cheat and add users past their allocated slots by deleting a user, adding a new one, then readding the deleted one with site readd (well it's in the open now so upgrade quickly :}). Fix: The code that shows only x number days of a log file (for example: site uchanges 2) was in a very bad shape, I fixed many problems so now it should work fine (never code while you're drunk, eh?). Fix: When nuking someone who had leech, glftpd was leaving the userfile locked so there were some warning messages in the sysop log. Change: The SITE USERS command was re-designed, it should be a little faster now and it won't list all users if you use the wrong option. Change: SITE GROUPS will no longer count deleted users. New: If a user's password is "*", any password will fit. If it is "@", only passwords that look like email addresses will fit. Email passwords will be logged to the login.log. You can specify a single number after '@' or '*' which says how many connections from the same IP are allowed for this user, so "site chpass anonymous @2" will allow email for password and will not let the user log in if he is already logged in twice from this IP. You have to use "site chpass" to change a user's password to * or @. Change: SITE UNFO is now SITE TAGLINE. Actually, both will work right now, but UNFO will probably be removed in the future, so start using TAGLINE. Fix: The total bytes at the bottom of "site users" was overflowing at ~2 terrabytes. It should store over 4 thousands terrabytes now :}. Change: Userfiles were storing bytes up to ~2 terrabytes, they will store ~4 terrabytes now (changed from signed to unsigned long). Change: When nuking more than 1x, both stats and credits were decreased by more than 1x. Now only credits will decrease more, stats will only be decreased by the exact size of what's nuked. New: Weekly allotment now supports sections. The syntax for changing it now is: site change user wkly_allotment "#,###", where the first number is the section number (0=default section). Only one section at a time is supported, if you want it for more than one you will need to write a script and run it from crontab to add the credits to the user. Change: Change all your "exit 1"'s in dupescript, zipscript and dirscript to "exit 2". Glftpd will now respond with a built-in error message when one of these scripts returns a 1, so that it will be easy to tell when these scripts can't be executed. New: Many more site commands are flag-configurable now, see file "newconfig.118" for details. Also, all the help-commands ("site blah" if blah requires a parameter) will only work if you have access to the command. New: You can define your own "You do not have access to this command" now. Just add "-noaccess /ftp-data/text/bleh.txt" to the config file and create a file displaying your message. You can use cookies in that file. New: On-the-fly CRC calculation. If you add "calc_crc 1" to the config file, glftpd will calculate the CRC of files being uploaded and pass this string to zipscript. You can then call the flysfv binary from zipscript to compare that string with what it finds in the sfv file (see the default zipscript for an example). This procedure will save some time if several people are uploading files at the same time and you have a slow harddrive, but it might slow the upload down a little, so use it at your own risk. Thanks Hoopy for this feature. Fix: grppath was matching all directories that started with the same name. It will only match directories that have the exact name now. Fix: cd ~ was causing problems. ~ will be treated as / from now on, since everyone's apparent homedir is /. Fix: A rather serious bug that would allow someone to execute commands on your box was fixed. This exploit could also be used to start some kind of a daemon on your box that would allow people to connect to it and log in. Make sure you enable your path-filter in the config file to close this security hole. See the UPGRADING file for an example. New: SITE PASSWD can now disallow insecure passwords. All you need to do is add "secure_pass xxx" to the config file. Glftpd will not allow passwords that are shorter in length than xxx. Also, you can specify the minimum number of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and other symbols. Example: "secure_pass Ab1..." will only allow passwords 6 characters or longer that contain at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. The '.' is a placeholder. You can use any letter, number, or punctuation character (except '.') in this string. Other arguments (optional) are flags/groups that are exempted from this rule when using the site chpass command or adding users.