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Small, powerful devices, worn on the body. Useful information when you need it most. Intelligent answers to spoken questions. Tools to help reach fitness goals. Your key to a multiscreen world.

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Extending Android to Wearables
Android Wear extends the Android platform to a new generation of wearable devices.
The user experience is designed specifically for wearables.

Say “Ok Google” to ask questions and get stuff done.

Get glanceable, actionable information at just the right time throughout the day.

A wide range of sensors is available to your applications, from accelerometers to heart rate monitors.

The Android Wear Developer Preview lets you create wearable experiences for your existing Android apps and see how they will appear on square and round Android wearables.

Later this year, we’ll be launching the Android Wear SDK, enabling even more customized experiences.

Developer Preview
Your app’s notifications will already appear on Android wearables.
With the new Android Wear APIs you can customize and extend those notifications.

Receive Voice Replies

Add actions to your notifications to allow users to reply by voice or touch. The system delivers the text to your app on the phone.

Learn about input actions

Add Notification Pages

Add additional pages to your notification that are visible on the wearable device to provide detailed information on the wrist.

Learn about pages

Stack Multiple Notifications

Your app should consolidate similar notifications. On a wearable, you can stack them together so the details for each are immediately available.

Learn about stacks

You can also trigger your notifications contextually using existing Android APIs. For example, use geofences to provide glanceable information to your users when they are at home, or use the activity detection APIs to send messages to your users’ wrists while they are bicycling.

See the Android Wear Developer Preview Design Principles for more suggestions on creating great wearable experiences.

Coming soon
The Android Wear SDK
The Developer Preview is just the beginning for Android Wear.

In the coming months we’ll be launching new APIs and features for Android wearables to create even more unique experiences for the wrist:

Build Custom UI

Create custom card layouts and run activities directly on wearables.

Send Data

Send data and actions between a phone and a wearable with data replication APIs and RPCs.

Control Sensors

Gather sensor data and display it in real-time on Android wearables.

Voice Actions

Register your app to handle voice actions, like "Ok Google, take a note."

Building an Ecosystem

We’re working with several partners to bring you watches powered by Android Wear later this year!

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Your app’s notifications will already appear on Android wearables.
With the new Android Wear APIs, you can customize and extend those notifications.

We’re excited about wearables and the experiences developers can create with them.
We can’t wait to see what you do next.


Learn how to optimize your app notifications for wearable devices in this DevBytes video using the Android Wear Developer Preview.

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