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Ezek a személyes életem apró szösszenetei :)


So today I had a little bit of time to check out Pytacle. I knew from the beginning that it is alpha-quality software, but I still had some expectations. Many times people in the open-source community “advertise” their software as … Continue reading

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My Camp0 presentation

In case you missed Camp0 or dnet’s tweet about it here is my Camp0 presentation video. It is not perfect at all, it has some inaccuracies in it, also demo effect is kicking in hard, but to save myself I … Continue reading

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Tonight’s project

OsmocomBB as a BTS

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How to handle if the car you manufacture catches on fire and your company starts going down rather quickly? – by Elon Musk

I am quite a fan of Tesla cars. They are showing a quite probable future which I think is a good way. Actually I really like what Elon Musk does in general. So when all the newspapers today were filled … Continue reading

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The fruit of hard working

Using rtl-sdr (10 USD Software Defined Radio) and some open-source software I just sniffed my own SMS from the air:

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Napi kis örömöm

Mai nap megérkezett a plusz 4 GB RAM a laptopomba. Sajnos már az örgedő Windows telepítés + a sok virtuális gép, na meg a Firefox és a FlashPlayer illetve a háttérben futó Eclipse összesen képes volt megenni 4 GB RAM-ot. … Continue reading

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I am still in love with those Chinese cables….

I jsut bought some really old data cables for my Nokia 3410 and I must tell you they suck really bad. Let me tell you a little bit about the background: I am currently really into everything that is security … Continue reading

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How to ‘bing’ something?

I just came across again Samy Kamkar’s great DEFCON 18 talk – How I met your girlfriend? and I really liked when he explained how to ‘bing’ something, so here is the part of his presentation in a separate video:

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Dat feeling…

…when you didn’t do anything special, moreover what you did is lame and simple, but still the whole thing just breaks right in front of your eyes Gotta love hacking!

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Google Glass already rooted

Jay Freeman (saurik, creator of Cydia for example) applied for the Google Glass developer program and he received his glass not long ago, but still he had enough time during a dinner with his friends to gain root access to … Continue reading

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