Tonight’s project


OsmocomBB as a BTS

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  1. Choukoudoum says:


    What is the model of motorola you use and is it a motorola with filter change?
    What version OpenBTS you use it?
    Did you encounter problems?

    thank you

    • domi007 says:

      No filter change is necessary, it is a C117 or something comparable (C115 maybe I don’t know, doesn’t matter anyways).
      I was able to discover the network but wasn’t able to connect to it. I used the latest OpenBTS.
      I think I will switch to OsmoBTS, it seems to be more complete and more mature.

  2. OsmoCarpenteR says:

    Hey! Long time no see. Did you change also the mnc/mcc of your bts to reflect to SIMs values? Usually SIMs are locked to specific mnc/mcc and don’t leave the phone to camp to any random BTS. I had the same problem, despite the instruction not to change it from the default values. By the way, when you’ll have some time, drop by the IRC to chat. I have some questions.

    • domi007 says:


      Good to see you man again! I haven’t tried changing the MNC, I might try it when I have some time.
      Also I am probably going to transition to OsmoBTS which seems to have a more advanced codebase.

      I will drop by to IRC soon I promise :-)

  3. njx says:

    some updates ? some tutorial about using osmocom and capturing/decoding would be nice.

  4. 81EU says:

    cheers, do I understand correctly you were able to run openBTS with a Motorola as hardware hence building a Microcell without expensive SDR-Hardware such as UMTRX, Nuand Blade or Ettus ? How did you manage the timing issues ? Any update on the connectivity since ? be well

    • domi007 says:

      Yes that’s what I am trying to reproduce (already done by Sylvain Munaut, Andreas Eversberg).
      I didn’t have any time to work on this project, so no news yet.

  5. ali shageri says:

    helow borther
    can you make tutorial to run bts on phone

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