My Camp0 presentation

In case you missed Camp0 or dnet’s tweet about it here is my Camp0 presentation video. It is not perfect at all, it has some inaccuracies in it, also demo effect is kicking in hard, but to save myself I need to say that I was preparing to get this done for Hacktivity (2 weeks after Camp0) so this is a semi-finished thing.
I still hope you like it ;-)

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2 Responses to My Camp0 presentation

  1. ali shageri says:

    helo brother
    i want to ask you about osmocombb as a BTS i try to run it but i failed to do it
    i watch this
    but also i can not run it
    if you could make video from install tool to run it by command
    becouse it is very low cost bts

    thank you again

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