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My name is Domonkos P. Tomcsányi, most people call me Domi. I was born in 1992, and am currently researching many different IT-security related topics. Enjoy my blog :-)

A nevem Tomcsányi Domonkos, 1992-ben születtem. Jelenleg több IT-biztonsággal kapcsolatos projekten dolgozom. Kívánom, hogy a blogom legalább akkora élvezetet nyújtson neked kedves olvasó, mint amennyi szívással a szerkesztése jár nekem :-)

8 Responses to About me/Rólam

  1. Magyarul jobb a leírás mint angolul :D

  2. darxyon says:

    I have a siri server running local on my lan. My 4S is working great with my 3GS.

    I want to install this on a webserver so that I dont have to be on my local lan for this to work.

    Will your setup work in this way?

  3. Dan says:


    Can you tell what Android devices your SilentSMS code runs on? Also what libraries did you use to build it? Many Thanks.

    Best regards,

    • domi007 says:

      It should be compatible with all Android devices from 2.3 to 4.3 or something. I personally used it on an HTC One S.
      It uses only Android’s built-in stuff, so as far as I remember it doesn’t need anything special.

  4. Kevin says:

    Can I ask which old blackberry device has Monitor mode enabled. So we can used to monitor the GSM infos (AFRCN; TMSI)? Thanks. :)

    • domi007 says:

      Almost any BB device has it, I’m using a 8320 or something similar, you can easily look this info upby Googleing “blackberry enable egieering screen”

      • Kevin says:

        Thanks for your reply. I just found it too from a Google search..Which I should done it in the first place, before I even ask. But thanks again, and carry on all the good work! :)

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