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I keep stuff at GitHub:


Also some stuff that I uploaded somewhere cause it took me ages to find and download:
-Perfect Prism 1.0 – Prism driver for Windows Mobile 2003 ARM both the driver and the config utility zipped cabs included:
Filename: (745.78 KB)


Programmed by me:

BeepOnRemoveCharger – A small batch file for Windows which could be added to the “startup” folder in Start menu so it automatically starts when you start Windows. Once it is started it runs in the background and monitors the status of your laptop’s battery and beeps when you removed your charger.
Ez egy kis bat file, amelyet nyugodtan betehetsz a Start menü “startup” mappájában, így a Windows indulásakor automatikusan lefut. Ahogy elindult a háttérben elkezdi figyelni az laptopod akkumulátorát, illetve a töltő állapotát. Ha kihúzod a töltőt, akkor csipog egyet a beépített hangszórót használva (echo BELL).

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