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PQI provides sponsorship for the Taiwan PGA Technology Cup golf tournament PQI is playing its part in supporting the cultivation of more national sporting heroes
日期Icon 2012/05/08

PQI provides sponsorship for the Taiwan PGA Technology Cup golf tournament

PQI is playing its part in supporting the cultivation of more national sporting heroes 

In the late spring of 2012, PQI was honored to be involved (along with 30 other leading Taiwanese hi-tech sector companies) in the holding of the annual Taiwan PGA Technology Cup golf tournament. It is PQI’s earnest hope that efforts to promote and support golf by leading figures in the hi-tech sector will help to make Taiwan’s citizens more aware of the importance of sport, and contribute to the cultivation of outstanding sporting talent for Taiwan.

The 2012 Taiwan PGA Tour is the first time that Taiwan’s hi-tech sector has been involved in the joint sponsorship of the Tour. Mr. Kuo Tai-chiang, the Chairman and President of PQI, said that he was honored to have been invited to take part in the teeing-off ceremony held on May 8 for this professional golf tournament, the prize money in which totals NT$10 million. Mr. Kuo said that the coming together of so many leading industry figures to attend this event constituted a concrete demonstration of recognition and support for the competition. 

The Technology Cup golf championship was held on May 9 – 12 at the Taipei Golf Club in Taoyuan County. This was a 72-hole competition played over four days, with 126 entrants from 10 different countries competing for the championship trophy and a first prize of NT$1.8 million. The competitors included 98 leading Taiwanese golfers (including the 60 highest-ranked golfers from last year’s Taiwan PGA Tour) and 13 overseas golfers from Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S.A., making for an intensely competitive event. The impressive line-up of entrants also demonstrated the high status that this competition now holds among professional golfers. Through their healthy competition and interaction with other golfers, participants are able to develop as golfers and as true sportsmen. 

“Children are our future.” PQI believes that appeals from business leaders, and their example, can help to get Taiwanese society to attach more importance to sport. As the saying goes, “Every object has its use; every person has their own area of potential.” Thanks to the painstaking planning that goes into it, the Taiwan PGA Tour should be able to continue to cultivate even more outstanding “Taiwanese stars” in the future. PQI believes that it has a responsibility to contribute to this process, and will be working alongside other sponsors to make it happen!



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